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Sharing Closet Storage

Posted July 25th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Organization, Closet Storage, Closet Storage Organizer
Sharing Closet Storage

Sharing a closet space with someone can be tricky, hard to manage and can even cause arguments at times. Not every two people who share a closet have the same amount of storage items and clothing nor does everyone share the same closet management system. Let’s face it; some of us are neat freaks, some of us are pack rats, and some of us are in between. Luckily, there are some techniques to successfully share a closet and keep it organized.

Install A Hanging Closet Rod

Posted July 21st, 2010   |   Tags: Do It Yourself, Closet Accessories, Hanging Closet Rod
Install a Hanging Closet Rod

Installing an extra hanging closet rod is an easy do-it-yourself solution if all you need is little more hanging space in a closet.  If the closet has a bare wall, you can add function by adding a metal or wood closet rod and increase your storage space.  If the closet has only one hanging closet pole at an elevation of 72” or higher, you can add another rod below.  A hanging closet rod can also be installed on a bedroom or laundry room wall for even more hanging space and function.

Options For Closet Organization Colors

Posted July 10th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Design, Closet Organization Colors, Closet Planning
Closet Organization Colors

There are a lot of decisions to make when purchasing or building new closet organization systems; the color of the closet shelving included.  Closet organization systems are an investment in your home and you will want to construct everything in a shade that you will be happy with now and in the future. The universal standard for most closet organization systems is white, but there are usually a wide range of colors to choose from.

Closet Design Layout Tips

Posted July 10th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Design, Custom Closet, Do It Yourself, Modular Closet
Closet Design Layout Tips

Sometimes getting started with a walk-in closet design can be the hardest part of the projecct.  If your closet is still full of clothing and your old closet shelving, it can be difficult to see the potential a walk-in closet has and imagine where you would like components of your new closet organization system to be placed.

Wire Shelf Dividers

Posted July 07th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Products, Do It Yourself, Wire Shelf
Wire Shelf Dividers

Wire shelf dividers effortlessly slide on to closet shelves and create instant structure for messy piles of sweaters, shirts, towels, linens and more. Shelf ividers are easy to remove making it a cinch to customize closet space.