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Cubby Shoe Storage Organizers

Shoe cubby organizers get shoes off the floor and save tons of closet storage space

Posted June 22nd, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Organization, Shoe Organizers, Shoe Storage
Cubby Shoe Storage Organizers

Seldom is there any shoe storage in a standard closet; even if a home is fortunate enough to have a closet with a little shelving, most of us have more shoes than will fit on a single shelf.  As for placing shoes on the floor, we all know where this leads… to a pile of shoes which are mixed together and hidden under hanging clothes out of sight and out of mind just waiting to be stepped on, tripped over or covered in dust.  Shoe cubbies are great shoe storage organizers; they are affordable and they may be one of the best space savers made for closets.

Shoe cubbies are generally rows of box-shaped compartments layered two to five rows high or more.  They come in different widths as well and can be found in many different configurations: 2 cubbies high x 10 cubbies wide, 5 cubbies high x 5 cubbies wide and so forth.

You can purchase cubby storage organizers in different configurations at some retail stores, online stores or ask a designer about incorporating them into your closet system if you are getting a custom closet designed and installed.

One should place shoes in cubby shoe storage organizers much like shoes in a shoe box.  Heels pointed opposite direction from one another – this is how so much space is saved.  Shoes do not get damaged or worn in shoe boxes at a retail store and will be safe in these shoe storage organizers at home as well.

Benefits of Cubby Shoe Storage Organizers:

Space Savers

Take for example that a person has 20 pairs of shoes at about 9” wide per pair.  This would take up 15 feet of shelf space!  Or, someone could fit all of the 20 pairs of shoes in 24” x 24” cubby shoe storage organizers. And if the shoe organizers are off the floor, then there would be no more bending over into the shadows of the closet to search for your shoes!

Money Savers

Shoes stored on the floor in the closet tend to get stepped on, crushed by boxes, clothes or discolored from dirt and dust.  Having damaged shoes means having to purchase another pair as a replacement.  Not only will shoe storage cubbies prevent you or anyone else from trampling on your shoes, but help keep dust off as well.

Time Savers

With shoe storage organizers, you can have shoes neatly organized all in one place and can cut down the amount of time you spend dressing.  Being able to see all of your shoes at once and visualize which pair you can wear with your outfit helps tremendously.  You will also not be searching the house up and down for a missing shoe in a pair or wondering where you may have placed them.  Shoe cubby storage organizers are a great way to help keep all of your footwear organized, neat and easily accessible.

Things to Consider When Purchasing or Including Cubby Shoe Storage Organizers:

Cubby shoe storage organizers can range in size anywhere from 4-5” wide x 5-6” tall – They are great for most shoes, but not all.  Boots, work boots and larger than average shoes may not fit comfortably.

If you are purchasing shoe storage cubbies from a retail or online closet organizer source as a closet accessory, be sure to note the overall size of the cubby unit once assembled to ensure there will be enough room in your closet or on your shelf.

If you are getting a custom closet designed and installed by professional designers, make sure the color of your shoe storage cubbies they offer can match the rest of your custom system.

Count the total number of shoes you have before purchasing shoe storage organizers and use our Closet Inventory Form if needed.

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