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Posted May 18th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Child Closet, Custom Closet, Do It Yourself, Modular Closet
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Most people don't think about it, but just about every area of a household has accessories to make the space more functional.  Bathrooms have towel racks; shower caddies and toothbrush holders; kitchens have paper towel holders, spice racks and knife blocks.  Why should the closet be any different?  Closets are a major part of everyday routines and there are hundreds of great closet accessories and gadgets that can add storage space and provide easier access to items which are used every day.

One of the great advantages of closet accessories is that they can be used in conjunction with existing closets, modular closets or custom closets.  There are great closet accessories for just about any closet space and any closet item; shoes, belts, clothing, jewelry, seasonal items, laundry, sports equipment, coats, robes, neck ties, handbags, toys, ironing boards, mirrors and suits are just some items that can be organized better with the right accessory.

Depending on the size and type of closet in question, some closet organizers are a better fit than others.  There are several types of great closet accessories for each closet item and we know it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which is right for a certain space, so below you will find explanations of some popular accessories and where they can be helpful.


Examples of Popular Closet Accessories:

Valet RodCloset Valet Rod

A valet rod is a great addition to closet organizers.  It is a convenient extendable rod that mounts to your wall or closet system to hang bags, hangers, clothes, purses or dry cleaning.  It can retract back when not in use.

Wardrobe Garment LiftWardrobe Garment Lift

Wardrobe garment lifts are closet rods set high up in the closet; the pole is set out of standard reach, supported by bars on a hinge and reachable by a hanging bar that can pull the rod out and down to an accessible height.

Wire Shelf Dividers
Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers fasten to a shelf in closet organizers (usually by a long notch at the bottom) and stand perpendicular to the shelf providing a small vertical partition that separates items on your closet shelving.  They are adjustable closet organizers and can be set at any interval you wish.

Hanging Closet OrganizersHanging Closet Organizers

Hanging closet organizers can be shelves, cubbies, pockets, pouches, bags or compartments that hang from a closet rod or closet door to give you extra storage space. They usually are made from cloth, canvas, mesh materials or plastic and can hold a great deal of items without taking up that much space.

Closet Tie Rack
Slide-Out Tie and Belt Racks

A slide-out tie or belt rack can be installed on the side of any vertical partition in closet organizers or even on a side wall parallel to the hanging clothes. These great closet accessories are perpendicular to the wall and slide-out towards you in the closet.  It’s hidden and most can store up to 20 neck ties or ten belts in most cases!

Cubbie Shoe Organizers
Shoe Cubbies

Shoe cubbies are great space saving accessories.  Generally, they are rows of box shaped compartments layered two to five rows high or more.  They come in different widths and heights and can be found in many different configurations.

There's So Much More!

Other great closet accessories include drawers, shoe racks, specialty hangers, wall hooks, swivel mirrors, ironing boards, peg board and slide-out baskets.


Examples Where Closet Accessories Can Come In Handy:

Over the Door Closet Organizer
Small Closets

Small bedroom closets, reach-in closets and secondary closets are limited on space and can benefit in many ways from some of these great closet accessories.  Wall hooks, shoe racks or cubbies, specialty garment hangers, belt and tie racks, valet rods, hanging closet organizers, over-the-door closet organizers and small drawer sections are great for small spaces.  They can keep like items together and free up much needed storage space for hanging clothes as well as keep items off the floor.  Over the door closet organizers and shoe organizers are most popular in small closets since they do not take up shelving space.

Closet Shoe Storage
Average Closets

An average-sized master closet, although larger than secondary closet spaces, can also become much more functional with closet accessories.  Space can be freed for more hanging or folded items with additions like hampers (built-in or stand alone), jewelry organizers, wall hooks, closet shoe storage or cubbies, belt and tie racks, valet rods, hanging closet organizers, drawers, over-the-door closet organizers, slide-out baskets, pant racks and more.  Using specific accessories for different storage items keeps closets organized and easier to maintain.  Items like valet rods add convenience and can be a time saver during hectic mornings.  Adding drawers or hampers to a closet is most popular with average-sized storage spaces.

Fold Down Ironing BoardLarge Closets and High Ceilings

Closets with more space than average are still wonderful candidates for closet organizers and closet accessories.  These closets can not only benefit from the same accessories as smaller closets, but they can fit larger accessories like swivel-out mirrors, fold down ironing boards and garment lifts.  Garment lifts are great closet accessories for closets with high ceilings and can store seasonal items at a higher lever while keeping them easy to access if needed; they also free-up all other hanging areas for everyday wear.


 Kids Closet Storage CartClosets in a Child's Room

Kids' closets can really benefit from some great closet accessories such as built-in, slide-out baskets, closet storage carts, drawer bins, shoe cubbies and wall hooks.  Toys and board games can be stored in baskets, shelves or cubbies to keep them organized and can also be placed at a lower level so that they are easily accessible to children.  Being able to reach their own items can also teach children responsibility by being able to put toys and games away when not in use.  Wall hooks can also be placed at a lower level on the wall for coats, clothing, backpacks or bags.


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