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Boo! Is Your Hall Closet Storage Spooky?

Halloween is almost here! Take your hall closet from spooky to spectacular!

Posted October 05th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Organization, Closet Storage Solutions, Do It Yourself
Hall Closet Storage Solutions

It's a dark and stormy night...the rain is coming down hard outside. Flash!  Boom!  The thunder is getting terrifying.  Halloween is near and it's fitting weather to start your halloween projects and dig out spooky decorations.  Where's your pumpkin carving kit?  What about Halloween decorations?  You walk down a dark hallway to your hall closet.  The door slowly creaks open...a jumble of boxes, nick knacks and coats topple down and spill out of the closet!  That's when you realize...the clutter is coming from inside the house!!!  Well, more specifically the hall closet.  Scary stuff, isn't it?

Skeletons in the Closet

The beginning of October marks the start of a string of busy holidays; the first, one of my favorites, is Halloween.  For me, it's time to get ready for fall and dig my skeletons out of the closet - my cardboard skeletons, that is.  I hang them on either side of my doorway for Halloween. I keep my holiday decorations, all of them, stored in my hall closet as one of my many closet storage solutions.

Many people keep a wide range of items in hall closets, which can be hard to manage.  Items like Halloween or other holiday decorations, coats, tools and boxes need a home and hall closets provide a safe, indoor closet storage space.  Beware, though, that without good closet storage solutions, clutter can build up fast.... and can get quite spooky.  Getting hall closets organized for the holidays ahead doesn't have to be as scary as some of those Halloween ghost stories; some simple closet storage solutions can make seasonal or seldom used items organized and accessible!

Frighteningly Feasible Hall Closet Storage Solutions

Separating items in a small closet is a great way to keep organized.  Keeping all cleaning supplies separate from holiday decorations and so forth is a must if you want to find an item when you need it.  Start by cleaning out your hall closets then try some of these simple closet storage solutions to get you the rest of the way.

  • Stacking Storage BoxStorage Boxes:  Plastic, canvas or fiberboard storage boxes are great for storing like items in secondary closets.  As closet storage solutions, portable storage boxes are easy, affordable and are great for separating different items.  I keep Halloween decorations in one box and Fall decor in another.  I have a smaller plastic storage box for household fix-it items as well.  The extra large stacking storage box from Organize-it is great for closets since it's 11.25" deep, which is the average closet shelf depth.
  • Hanging Closet Organizers:  Many hall closets that I see consist of a 2-3 foot wide space with a single highly elevated hanging rod.  Add some easy shelving for great closet storage solutions here.  One way is to add hanging closet organizers to one side of the closet pole and leave the other half open to hang coats. 
  • Closet Rods:  For a few bucks, you can purchase closet rod brackets and install one near the center and far corner of the back closet wall.  Install a closet rod that is half the width of your closet space leaving room in the other half for modular closet shelving, stackable storage boxes or a shallow drawer unit.  And if you have no rod at all, install one for seasonal clothing items.  A low rod with shelving above it also works well in small closets.
  • Gift Wrap Closet OrganizerOver-the-Door Closet Organizers:  If your hall closet has a door, over-the-door closet storage solutions are a no-brainer.  One of my favorite concepts for this is an over the door gift wrap closet organizer. I absolutely hate to find mangled or unraveling giftwrap leaning against walls in a closet.  This is just one of many over-the-door closet storage solutions available.  Similar ones can be used to store shoes, purses or anything that you can fit in small compartments.  They're great!
  • Shelves:   For hall closets with no hanging clothes, adding shelving works wonders.  One of the more affordable closet storage solutions is to install 11 - 16" deep closet wire shelving wall-to-wall and leave about 20" - 24" between each shelf to accomodate storage boxes.  This may even give you enough room to designate each shelf to a specific hoiday and its decorations. 
  • Modular Closet Storage Solutions:  Modular units can be purchased and easliy assembled.  If your hall closet is wide enough to accomodate some of these pre-made units, do it!  My favorite modular closet organizer configuration for small closets is a medium hang section with shelving above the hanging pole on the left side and tall shelving on the right side.  This leaves room for storage boxes, coats, boardgames... and yes, smaller holiday decorations like Halloween skeletons.
  • Custom Closet Storage Solutions:  Full service closet companies can provide designs and installation for custom closet organizer solutions.  I would recommend this for larger hall closets or multiple small hall closets.  Larger secondary closets (more than 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep) have the capacity to better utilize custom shelving and closet accessories offered by full service custom closet organizer companies.  Customizing multiple small closets at once can also be beneficial since custom closet organizer companies require you be home during a consultation and installation; it's more time effective and usually less costly to do more than one small closet at a time.

Now is a perfect time to get those small closets in shape because after Halloween, other holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve will sneak-up on you fast.  These simple closet storage solutions can help get you organized and focus on the really spooky stuff - like Halloween or the crowded malls at Christmas time... now that's scary.  Boo!

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Hall closets

Thanks for the ideas - I never really give much thought to the hall closets. We use one of our hall closets for "junk" - things we don't use often. Over the weekend, we got some hanging closet shelves (cloth) for the rod and put in an extra shelf. It really does help a lot and it cost us less than $25.00 - well worth it.

Posted by Carl on Oct 11th, 2010
hanging closet organizers

I absolutely loooooove hanging closet organizers! I never thought to use them in the small closets though. I got a hanging shoe organizer with pockets and keep gloves, scarves and winter boots in it - all the coats and cold weather accessories all fit in my hall closet now. Thanks.

Posted by Jackie on Oct 14th, 2010

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