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Posted August 04th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Organizers, Do It Yourself, Hanging Closet Organizers
Hanging Closet Organizers

Sometimes a closet just needs a little help to get organized, and if you don’t have the need or resources to remodel your entire closet, a hanging closet organizer system may be the way to go.  They are very affordable and extremely functional.

A hanging storage organizer can be shelves, cubbies, pockets, pouches, bags or compartments that hang from a closet rod or closet door to give you extra storage space. They usually are made from cloth, canvas, mesh materials or plastic and can hold a great deal of items without taking up that much space.  A hook or strap will attach the vertical hanging unit to the closet pole or top of the closet door so that the system will hang below. This will give you extra closet storage space in areas that were otherwise unused.


Learn How Hanging Closet Organizer Systems Can Be Utilized:


Shoes can be stored vertically in compartments hung on a closet rod or on the front or back of a closet door.

Folded items

If you have no shelving in your closet for folded items, you can create places for your jeans, shirts, towels, shorts or pajamas.  Great if you don’t have drawers or a dresser!


Many companies make specialized hanging closet organizer systems with small compartments for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, broaches, pins or hair accessories that hang from closet poles or hooks.


Keep your hats nice, neat and in tact by placing them in their own compartment in a hanging organizer.  This gives you easy access to them and ensures that they stay in their proper shape.


Keep toys off the floor with hanging shelves (mainly cloth or plastic material) or toy organizers.  Some manufacturers cater to the need for toy storage and make colorful, kid friendly hanging closet organizer system solutions in a variety of bright colors. Popular ones have compartments for big and smaller toys.


Purses can be stored on or in a hanging closet organizer system that has shelves (cloth or wood material), cubbies or in plastic pouch closet organizers that hang on the back of the closet door.  This will keep them at arms reach and easy to see.

Suits and Evening Wear

A hanging closet organizer system can work for formal or business wear too.  Some are made specifically to house and protect garments you may not often wear and even double as a travel bag for them!

These closet accessories really are a quick and easy way to store anything.  A hanging closet organizer system can take up less than a foot of space on a closet rod!  You can mix and match different components to get the exact amount of storage you need and get everything in your closet off the floor, organized and accessible!

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