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How will you use home closet organizers this year?

Posted January 07th, 2011   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Organization, Closet Organizers, Home Closet Organizers
Home Closet Organizers Resolutions

Every new year is filled with hope, excitement and... anxiety?  Yep, New Year's day is the time to face our New Year's Resolutions.  The good news is that resolutions don't have to be something to stress about.  If you're prepared for a personal change, the better chance you have at success.  Custom closets and home closet organizers, while not the first thing to come to mind on New Year's Day, are a great way to equip yourself for a resolution and keep up with it all year long. 

Start the new year off right!  Learn how home closet organizers can help with these 4 New Year's Resolutions, then sign up to win a $50 gift certificate!

Hanging Home Closet Organizers

1.  Get Fit/Healthy

Getting fit and losing weight are tops on most New Year's Resolution lists, but how can home closet organizers help that?  It's simple; using a home closet organizer of any kind, modular closet organizers, custom closets or even simple shelving can keep you organized and motivated.  Use a section of your closet system or some closet accessories for workout clothing.  Make it accessible so you can see them as soon as you walk in the closet as a reminder to exercise.  Stacks and Stacks has multiple home closet organizers that can help to separate out your gym or work out clothing.

What I plan to do:  Keep my jogging shoes, workout shirts and sweat pants in the middle of my reach-in closet on this hanging closet organizer so that I see them right when I open the closet doors.  Take a look; there's cubbies for your shoes and sweats on this closet accessory - just what I need!

Laundry Room Home Closet Organizers2.  Stress Management

Eeeeeek!  The cumulative stress from the year and holidays has taken a bit of a toll; if only we mastered stress management for our last New Year's Resolution. Hmmm.  Regardless, you know what cuts out stress?  When things you do everyday are easy.  Things like putting up the laundry, keeping the closet organized and knowing where everything is.  Having home closet organizers from Stacks and Stacks helps reduce stress by making your everyday routines easier and less complicated.  Even adding this small wall organizer to the laundry room can help by organizing clothing, detergent, cleaners, ironing accessories and hangers.

Home Closet Organizers - Double Hanging RodWhat I plan to do:  Install a double hanging rod for the closet.  I'll keep his and hers clothes on separate sides and designate a place for each closet storage item.   When we get our new washer and dryer, I also want to see if I have the space for the Laundry Butler from Stacks And Stacks - I think it will help a lot!

3.  Volunteer/Help Others

Many people have very busy lives and realistically cannot volunteer often or at all.  Home closet organizers can help you give back to the community through donation.  Closet systems, by design, prompt regular closet purging and cleanings, so it's easy to recognize items no longer needed and can mark them for donation. Donating only takes a few minutes and while you're there you can inquire about volunteer opportunities.  For more information about donating check out Goodwill's Donate Movement!

What I plan to do:  I have already donated to Goodwill in the last month, but I am getting a closet storage box that will become the designated bin to place items for donation throughout the year.  I will donate the clothes or items every time it gets full.

Wood Home Closet Organizers4.  Get Organized!

Getting organized has to start somewhere; there must be a foundation to begin from and home closet organizers can provide this.  Imagine being more organized in all of your day to day routines around the house.  Closet organization can create better habits and a love of organization (once you see the benefits) that can spread to other aspects of your life like your work, friends, shopping and travel.  And, once you get your closet organization under control, Stacks And Stacks has products for other areas of your home.  Your garage, bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom can benefit from organization too.

What I plan to do:  We've recently moved into a new home and my closet is not setup yet.  I plan to organize the closet and pantry with various closet accessories to help maintain and organize items I use everyday.  I hope to install wooden home closet organizers or systems from Stacks and Stacks as soon as my schedule gets a little less hectic, and I can't wait.

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We want to know how our readers will utilize home closet organizers for their New Year's Resolutions!  In the comments section below, let us know what your closet organizer resolution plans are then subscribe to our newsletter - you could win $50 towards your own closet organizers from!

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Pick me!

Since my closet is already in order, I plan to get my husbands nice & neat this year. Products like this will make use of every inch of space possible!

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 07th, 2011
Help Me!

I have donated, thrown out, organized, stop shopping and I still need help! I need over the door hangers and need to install more closet accessories to fit everything and to also make myself stop feeling crazed over the disorganization. Why can't everything have a home?

Posted by Kathy Hanley on Jan 07th, 2011
Upper Space

I rent, so I can't do any permanent modifications. I also have a very narrow closet, so I intend to get cubbies to put on the shelf to double my space up there for shoes, handbags, sheets, etc.

Posted by Jerri Lyn on Jan 08th, 2011
Organizing !!!

I'd use home closet organizers to organize all of my yarn!!! I'm a knitter and I have yarn in every closet in my house!!!

Posted by Amy Rouse on Jan 08th, 2011
I'm a bag lady

I have handbags out the kazoo. I'm a bag lady. They're under the bed, on the top closet shelf, all over the place. Open a cupboard, there's a handbag falling out. I've needed serious help with these for years!

Posted by Diane Mason on Jan 08th, 2011

Since losing my daughter I have devoted every moment and every cent to raising and providing for my two dear granddaughters. Even though it's been three years now, we still have much disarray in our home that needs to be organized. I finally painted my bedroom recently so I would have a small oasis that was all my own, and would love to be able to organize my closet to complete my retreat.

Posted by KAREN on Jan 08th, 2011
Organizing needed

I would love to organize my teenage son's closet!

Posted by Kristi F. on Jan 09th, 2011
Closet organization

My closet in my new home is my dream closet - large, well-lit and tons of shelves and hanging space. I use shelf dividers to keep the piles upright and storage boxes placed up high for out of season items. Hooks on the wall are great for hats. I also recently got all new hangers. Yippee!!

Posted by Andi Willis on Jan 10th, 2011
Great Ideas So Far!

Great ideas and comments so far, keep 'em coming. We love to hear from our readers! Remember to sign up to the newsletter as part of your entry also (don't want anyone to miss an opportunity).
I also see homeowners and renters here - Stacks and Stacks has great products no matter what your situation - Good luck, everyone!

Posted by Tabitha Kokoska on Jan 11th, 2011

I would like a nice organizer for my closet. Now that I have paired down my wardrobe (as part of resolution to only keep stuff we love - minimalism), I would like it to look pretty in my closet.

Posted by Judy on Jan 12th, 2011

I could use the closet organizer because my closet is so small and I think that if I got some things off of the floor and put in hanger organizers that could and would give me a lot more space.

Posted by Deedeesew on Jan 13th, 2011
Organizing I really need to do

I would like a nice organizer for my closet.

Posted by Beverly on Jan 19th, 2011
new life

I recently got divorced and my 3 children (all under 13) and I have moved into a new home to start anew. I have found that while the house has several large closets, they all lack any organizers - consequently they have become overgrown caverns in which things are getting "lost". I would like to get organizers in each so that we can actually find things!

Posted by elsabear on Jan 23rd, 2011
Too much stuff

Winning that 50 gift certificate would be a great motivator for me to get started on this mess! All of my closets are overflowing, so thanks for reminding me that I really need to get started...and get organized. Win or lose you've got me thinking about it...sometimes that is all it takes to get started-so thanks!

Posted by Laura S. on Jan 25th, 2011

All these comments are so inspiring! Thanks, everyone. Winner will be announced on 1/31/11- Good luck to all of you!
Best Wishes - Tabitha @ Closet Pages

Posted by Tabitha on Jan 28th, 2011
And the winner is...

Jere Waters (elsabear) is the winner of a $50 gift certificate. Congratulations Jere! We thank everyone for their comments and support of

Posted by Tabitha on Feb 08th, 2011
Excellent site, keep up the good work

It was a helpful workout for me to go through this webpage. It definitely stretches the limits with the mind when you locate helpful advice and make an effort to interpret it rightly. I am going to review this web site often on my PC. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Vanity on Dec 13th, 2011
Everyone's New Year Resolution

I am sure that with the new year coming up everyone will want to add and organized closet to their list!

Posted by Mark Anthony Morales on Dec 21st, 2011

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