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Rotating Closet Organizer

This closet carousel is a highly useful garment delivery system

Posted June 27th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Organizers, Closet Products, Rotating Closet Organizer
Rotating Closet Organizer

Wouldn't it be great if a closet organizer system could bring your clothes right to you?  The rotating closet organizer does just that! This revolving closet carousel acts as a personal garment delivery system and some sizes can even store and organize up to 400 garments in 12' of closet space.

The rotating closet organizer comes in several convenient sizes to fit any walk-in closet space and can add many extra feet of hanging space to your current closet.  Its simple set up is as easy as installing the unit, plugging it in and then hanging your clothes.  A push of the button rotates the closet carousel along the circular track, allowing you to browse your entire wardrobe and delivers the garment you want right to you.

The rotating closet organizer also keep garments wrinkle free and properly spaced.  Each garment hanger has its own slot along the conveyer which keeps clothes orderly and in place. The perfect closet spacing allows for the clothes to rotate freely and avoid getting bunched-up and compressed.

Another great thing about a revolving closet carousel is that each has adjustable heights along the track to fit any size clothing, can be installed in any configuration and the floor mount has sturdy support legs.

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Wardrobe Valet Revolving Closet Carousel

Benefits of a Rotating Closet Organizer

  • Organize your valuable wardrobe
  • Access garments rapidly
  • Maximize existing closet space
  • Avoid damage to garments from improper storage
  • Stop packing and unpacking seasonal clothing
  • Avoid the stress of searching for a specific item

Possible Rotating Closet Organizer Configurations

  • Use one by itself in a reach-in closet
  • Pair this great organizer with other components in walk-in closet
  • Set up the closet carousel on one side of a closet then adjustable shelving on other walls for shoes and folded items
  • Use the revolving closet carousel along with a bench to sit on
  • Use in conjunction with a center island for accessories and drawers
  • You can use multiple closet carousels in a closet for two people
Wardrobe Valet Rotating Closet Carousel - Small Carousel

10-foot capacity / 6'L x 4'6"W with garments -- provides 20 linear feet of hanging in a 6' space

Wardrobe Valet Rotating Closet Carousel - Medium Carousel

12-foot capacity / 7'L x 4'6"W with garments -- provides 24 linear feet of hanging in a 7' space.

Wardrobe Valet Rotating Closet Carousel - Large Carousel

14-foot capacity / 8'L x 4'6"W with garments -- provides 28 linear feet of hanging in an 8' space

Wardrobe Valet Rotating Closet Carousel - Extra Large Carousel

16-foot capacity / 9'L x 4'6"W with garments -- provides 32 linear feet of hanging in a 9' space

Wardrobe Valet Rotating Closet Carousel - Jumbo Carousel

18-foot capacity / 10'L x 4'6"W with garments -- provides 36 linear feet of hanging in a 10' space

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