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Got shoes? These great stacking shoe storage organizers are for you!

Posted September 22nd, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Products, Shoe Storage Organizers
Stacking Shoe Storage Organizers

Show me any shoe store and I'll show you at least 5 pairs of shoes I want to add to my closet.  That's just me, but it doesn't matter if you're a shoe fanatic or not, everyone has and needs different pairs of shoes and a safe place to store them.  Keeping shoes on the floor or in a pile can almost guarantee damage to your footwear, but we've found stackable shoe organizers that work great and better yet, they're very affordable!

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20 Pair Stacking Shoe Storage Organizers

Getting off on the right foot

The stacking shoe organizers from Stacks and Stacks are very functional and can be used in closets and closet organizers, mud rooms, laundry rooms, entryways and bedrooms. Placed along a closet wall, these shoe storage organizers can hold up to 20 pairs of shoes each, keeping your shoes out of the way, easy to see and protected from damage.  Try our closet inventory form to take stock of your shoes and see how many stacking shoe organizers you may need.

Foot loose and fancy free

Not only do these stackable shoe organizers add storage and function, but they're easy to assemble!  No tools are required and they come in white which matches just about anything in your home... and closet!  Stacking shoe storage that can work anywhere in the house is a definite buy!

On a shoe string budget

Costing at only around $15 or so, the stackable shoe storage organizer from Stacks and Stacks is in everyone's budget.  You can stack them or set two shoe storage organizers next to each other to fill a wall with easy to see pairs of shoes.  They also work great in mud rooms and garages for those who like to keep shoes off the carpet and floors.

Kick up your heels!

Getting excited?  These stackable shoe storage sets are stand alone units.  This means that you can move them from room to room or closet to closet, hassle free.  Maintain your shoes' shape, protect them from damage, de-clutter the closet and access your shoes with ease with these great shoe storage organizers... it's enough to make anyone kick up (or pick up) their heels with joy!

Features include:
  • Maximizes closet space
  • Organizes shoes
  • Helps maintain shoe shape
  • Holds up to 20 pairs
  • Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy
  • Dimension #20731 - 19.25"H x 38.5"W x 10"D

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Shoe Storage Idea

This is a great read about storing our shoes out of the way. I am currently looking for a new house and can see using these in the closet, and both on the outside and inside by the front door. Right now we have flip flops and rubber boots all around the front door and this would help out greatly, not only to keep it organized but to make it easy to find the matching pair.

Posted by Shane D on Sep 22nd, 2010
Great idea

Great idea--this makes shoe storage more efficient by stacking shoes instead of them being spread out on the floor of my closet.

Posted by Anonymous on Sep 28th, 2010

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