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Wire Shelf Dividers

Wire shelf dividers slide on to closet shelves and create instant structure

Posted July 07th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Accessories, Closet Products, Do It Yourself, Wire Shelf
Wire Shelf Dividers

We all know what happens if you stack folded clothes or jeans too high on your closet shelving; they lean, tip over and fall off the shelf or over on to the stack next to them.  Not to mention what happens when you try to take down a shirt near the bottom of the stack; it’s like a house of cards that comes tumbling down.

Purses can wear against each other and become damaged when packed too tightly on a shelf; towels are heavier and can fall easier and books; well, a long row of books or photo albums can fall like dominoes when one is removed from the closet shelf.

Luckily, there is a simple and inexpensive solution to all these problems – wire shelf dividers!

Wire shelf dividers effortlessly slide on to closet shelves and create instant structure for messy piles of sweaters, shirts, towels, linens and more. Shelf dividers are easy to remove, making it a cinch to customize closet space.

The shelf dividers slide right on to closet shelving and stand perpendicular to the shelf providing a small vertical partition that separates items on your closet shelving and are adjustable.

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Wire Shelf Dividers


Two styles for wood or wire shelving. Set of four. Coated wire, 12 x 12".

Popular Uses for Wire Shelf Dividers

  • Separates stacks of folded clothes and jeans so the stacks don’t get shoved together, tumble on to one another and help to prevent clothes from falling off the closet shelf when an item is removed. 

  • These great closet accessories are also a great way to prevent wrinkles in folded items!

  • Use them to separate linens and towels from each other and from your clothing if you tend to store both in your closet. 

  • They are a great way to have different “areas” for different items while spending very little money.

  • Wire shelf dividers are great for separating purses; stacking purses on top of each other or squeezing them together will misshape them and perhaps wear them out.  One idea is to put one or a few purses between each divider.  Ex. A few clutches in one section, then a few totes, then a few satchels, perhaps a larger purse to itself in the next section and so forth.

  • Photo albums, books and magazines are so hard to keep organized in a closet.  Many people keep year books, photo albums, and important records on high shelves in the closet (out of the way or out of harms way in case of a flood), but they lean, tilt, then fall one by one when one is removed or added.  It can be a huge pain.  The wire shelf dividers can act as book ends on your shelf without taking up even an inch of space.

  • You can organize your entire group of book-like items into categories, keep them viewable and accessible and prevent them from falling with simple wire shelf dividers.  If a book section grows, you can simply adjust the placement of the shelf divider.

  • Children’s closet items can also benefit from wire shelf accessories.  Some use them to separate different children’s clothing in a shared closet giving each child their very own sections.  Shelf dividers are also great for organizing toys and board games!

  • These shelf dividers can also be helpful with separating his and hers items, toiletries, shoes, night wear, hats and small boxes.

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another great article!

really appreciate you guys providing such a great site, it's really helped me with my 2010 closet projects!

Posted by Anonymous on Aug 12th, 2010

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