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Need Inspiration? 4 Dreamy Custom Closet Systems

Ooh la la! What would your dream closet look like? We're drooling over these custom closet beauties!

Posted January 24th, 2011   |   Tags: Closet Design, Custom Closet Design, Custom Closet Systems, Wood Closet Organizers
Dreamy Custom Closet Systems

What would your dream closet look like?   Would it be traditional?  Modern?  Elegant or basic?  No matter what your idea of a dream closet may be, it's always good to have a little inspiration.  I've got great small custom closet systems in my bedroom at the moment, but hey, I'm a woman and we love our closets and I could use an upgrade (the bigger the better, right?).  My dream closet would be much larger than my current one with an elaborate custom closet design, moulding, an island with raised panel drawers and plenty of room for shoes.  Sigh... one day, maybe, when I have the room.  For now though, I'll settle on the day dream and share some fabulous closet spaces that may help inspire some closet design projects for our viewers.

Inspiring Custom Closet Systems

If you're looking for some fancy ideas and examples of some great closet spaces, you've come to the right place.  I have seen and designed many different closets over the years and know that sometimes it helps to see other closets and spaces to get you motivated.  So, we've got some great examples for you.  Enjoy!

(Ok... ok, so maybe I have closet envy.  That's ok though - these closets are amazing!)

Custom Closet Systems - Designer Showcase1

1.  Elegance with a View

Wow. Talk about your dream closet!  Custom closet systems, such as this, display the beauty of natural products and masterful woodworking that I dream about.  The storage space is incredible and leaves plenty of room for long hanging items, standard hanging items and ample drawer space which was important to the clients.  The custom closet island provides the triple functions of storage space, a packing table and display case.  This gorgeous space also features stained and glazed maple wood closet organizers, granite countertops, salvaged wood floors, a crystal chandelier, detailed moulding, custom faux iron inserts in arches and custom draperies.

Photo provided by Jessica Love, ASID Allied Member Designer Showcase.  Jessica designs custom interiors for the Houston and Austin, Texas metro areas.

Custom Closet Systems - Designer Showcase2

2.  Calming Luxury

Tall ceilings showcase this amazing closet space.  Custom closet systems, while functional, can also be marvelously designed areas of the home.  The closet shelving here extends higher than average, providing extra storage space for seasonal storage, display items and draws your attention to the elaborate moulding on the ceiling.  The custom closet systems in this space provide needed room for the homeowner's longer hanging items as well as shelving, drawer space, built-in clothes hampers, an island with jewelry storage and a vanity area.  Paint-grade metallic cabinetry, crystal knobs, granite countertops and a printed wool carpet complete this picture perfect closet and dressing room.

Photo provided by Jessica Love, ASID Allied Member Designer Showcase.  Jessica designs custom interiors for the Houston and Austin, Texas metro areas.

Custom Closet Systems Glaze2

Custom Closet Systems Glaze1

3.  Beautiful Frame of Mind

Custom closet systems can create quite the impact on small spaces as well.  This master bedroom utilized the back wall for closet space and it turned out amazing.  A modern custom closet design style, clean lines and creative moulding add a luxurious feel to this storage space, while medium and double hanging storage sufficiently provides space for most garments.  Adjustable shelving and opaque glass front drawers house the rest of the tenant's folded and delicate items. The custom closet systems in this room are simple, yet beautifully designed in white and black which help tie other elements of design together, such as the oversized mirror, chandeliers and custom black and white headboard.

Custom Closet Systems with Glass Doors

4.  A Touch of Class and Glass

Custom closet systems that incorporate glass can certainly be beautiful.  This closet space features tall glass and wooden doors which surround a multifunctional and wonderfully designed island.  The glass closet system doors encase deep shelving and hanging items of all lengths, showcasing them as a wardrobe and protecting them from dust and wear.  These custom closet systems are done in an elegant espresso color with nickel hardware for a mix of contemporary and traditional design.  The island provides a custom sitting bench and additional drawer storage to what is provided against the back wall.

Sweet Dreams...

So whatever your future or current plans are for your own custom closet systems, you can use these amazing spaces as inspiration.  No closet space is too small or simple to add a little pizzazz; even a quick bedroom closet organizer make-over or the smallest addition of accent paint, moulding or mirror can put you on the right track to your own dream of a customized closet retreat.

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Good post!

Inspiring designs. Thanks for posting and for the images.

Posted by Naomi on Mar 08th, 2011
Custom Closets

This has given me some great ideas for my closet. I am just starting the process of redoing my bedroom and my closet is the first step.

Posted by Sam Smith on Sep 20th, 2011
Enriching Article on Closet Organizers

Fantastic Ideas on Closet Organizers. Just the article I was searching for.

Posted by Closet Organizers on Oct 19th, 2011
Great post on closet designs

Beautiful closets. This has given me great ideas for my wall closet.

Posted by Wall Closet on Nov 01st, 2011
Amazing Closets

These closets are so beautiful!

Posted by Mark A. Morales on Nov 15th, 2011

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