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Custom Closet Design Style

Choosing between a traditional or contemporary custom closet

Posted May 25th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Design, Closet Planning, Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design Style

Thinking about getting a custom closet system installed, designed or perhaps planning for a do-it-yourself closet system?  What’s it going to look like?  Will it be functional and reflect your style?  Will it mesh well with the rest of your home? 

With so many decisions to make about your new closet project, you may not have even thought about your custom closet design style yet, but many closet companies have options that allow for you to show off your specific decorating style in your closet.  Color choice, hardware and door and drawer panel options can make an enormous difference in the look of your new custom closet.

If you are getting a full service custom closet company or other professional closet resource to build out your new system, there is a good chance your designer can help you with the specifics and details of style options, but it’s good to have an idea of what you would like and know your choices before getting started.  You can start by marking down items of interest in our custom Closet Design Checklist and reading the differences in design styles below. This will make the whole process a bit less overwhelming and cut down on your own closet design time. 

If you are building the closet yourself or ordering closet accessory components online, then you will know exactly what to look for when it comes time to gather and purchase your supplies.

Learn More About Closet Design Style:

  • This custom closet design style is usually categorized by the use of clean lines, flat surfaces, a neutral color pallet, stainless steel or chrome hardware and the lack of any intricate or ornate detailing. Accents in vibrant colors such as red can be used to contrast against the neutral color tones and add a hint of excitement. Glass shelving or door panels can also be used to add a modern feel.

  • For a modular closet or custom closet design, you can choose white/black or a neutral toned wood finish with minimal graining and offset it by the use of glass shelves, large, modern or European style, stainless steel or nickel drawer and door pulls.  Door and drawer panels should be flat or close to flat to give the space a contemporary feel.

  • Structure-wise, the design can make use of parallel lines, geometric shapes (cubbies, drawer doors in different sizes) and you can also use the effect of asymmetry to make a fresh contemporary statement with your closet system!

  • You can also look into track lighting and bold colored accents for your modular or custom closet to finish the look up.

  • The traditional custom closet design style is by far the most popular in home decor trends; modular units have few truly traditional choices.  If you have a traditional styled home, there are ways you can carry that elegant and rich feeling into your closet.  Rich, dark colors, classic soft lines, elegant and subtle detailing along with traditional accents can give your closet a timeless look.

  • Darker browns such as mocha and espresso are great colors to choose for a traditional custom closet design style.  Conventional and elegant hardware on closet door and drawers can really make the traditional theme of your closet pop as well.  You may also want to accessorize the closet space with rich and sturdy fabrics in the form of a sitting bench or stool cushion. Be careful, however, not to over accessorize the space with traditional accent; the more cluttered the space appearance, the less traditional it may appear.

  • Traditional custom closet design style may look best as a system that extends from the floor up (as opposed to a system suspended off the floor) to give it that “grand” look apperance; although many suspended systems can look amply traditional as well.  Modular components can also be purchased in these configurations.

  • The details of the design are some of the most important elements to a traditional look.  Crown moulding, base moulding, plinth blocks, vertical fluting, rosettes, valances, cornices and raised panel doors and drawers are the most common ways to transform an area with a standard closet design into an inviting storage space with traditional elegance and grace.

  • If your closet has lighting fixtures, it may be worth it to find a stylish light cover, hanging lamp or other traditional light fixture to finish off the space.  Just make sure that the lighting fixture does not interfere with the structure of your new closet.

Either way you decide, this will be your unique space and your own design style!  Have fun and show your style!

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