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Choosing the right color for your closet organization systems

Posted July 10th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Design, Closet Organization Colors, Closet Planning
Closet Organization Colors

There are a lot of decisions to make when purchasing or building new closet system; the color of your closet organizer included.  Closet organizer systems are an investment in your home and you will want to construct everything in a shade that you will be happy with now and in the future. The universal standard closet organization colors are shades of white, but there are usually a wide range of colors to choose from.

If you are purchasing modular closet units or getting a custom closet through an online source or a full service closet design company, there are usually upgrade options for woodgrain closet organization colors for the systems.  Light maple colors, reddish mahoganies and deep chocolate colors are very popular colors of pressed wood or melamine, which the systems are normally made of. 

Here are some tips when choosing closet organization colors:

  • White is always a great color choice, it gives off a clean look which is great for organization.  It is also neutral and will look great with almost any paint, moulding or flooring color.
  • Consider the size of your closet space.  Small spaces are usually best done in lighter closet organization colors which reflect light and make the room appear larger.  Darker colors for closet organizer systems will absorb light and make a small space seem even smaller if you don't have enough room.
  • If you choose darker toned closet system colors for a small closet, consider painting the walls a pale shade of beige or even white to reflect some of the light that can be absorbed by the dark wood color.
  • Larger closet spaces usually have more lighting and can handle darker shades of melamine, pressed or stained wood without seeming cramped. Light colors also work well here.
  • The flooring in your home may also be a factor when choosing closet organization colors.  Many customers like to match hardwood or laminate flooring for a nice constant color motif.  Others may want to add some contrast and pop, by installing a white or different colored closet organizer system.  Both concepts can look elegant and nice, but beware of choosing a closet organization colors darker than the floor; this may make the space appear smaller if there is not enough light in the closet space.
  • The hardware you have in your home is something else to consider.  If you plan on staying with your current home hardware, then you may want to choose a closet organization color that looks good with the same peices.  You can match hanging poles, drawer handles and accessories to your present door knobs and lighting fixtures for a cohesive look throughout the house.
  • All closets will have some dust, but if dust on your closet shelving is a larger than average problem, choosing lighter closet colors will lessen the appearance of dust particles.  Dust will be more predominately seen on darker colors like deep browns and black.

Remember though, if you can’t decide on your closet organization colors or don’t think you will be happy with your color choice in the future, white will never go out of style and looks clean, fresh and crisp.

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