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Walk-In Closet Design Ideas for Limited Storage

Walk-in closet design solutions for small storage areas

Posted January 03rd, 2012   |   Tags: Closet Design, Walk-In Closet Ideas
Walk-In Closet Design Ideas for Limited Storage

Not all homes and apartments have fabulous closet solutions you see in the movies. Sure, Mr. Big built Carrie a dream walk-in closet in the Sex and the City movie, but not everyone has the luxury of that much space (or money). So, what do you do if you live in a small apartment or townhouse with very limited storage options?

Chances are you have only one small walk-in closet with a single shelf and a lonely pole in the master bedroom. You’re forced to store your wardrobe in various closets around your home and have to maneuver around the shoes littering your closet floor. Shouldn’t there be a better way? Check out our walk-in closet design ideas for your small home.

The first step in designing your walk-in closet is to clear as much space as possible by utilizing other storage areas in your home. If your wardrobe exceeds your walk-in closet and you have to use other closets in other rooms, make sure your allocations make sense. For example, use reach-in closets in other rooms for your dresses and longer hanging items since these items are not used as often as the regular sized hanging clothes. This leaves extra space for clothing and items you reach for on a daily basis such as pants and shirts. The extra room leftover is what you have to work with for walk-in closet design ideas.

Check out the results of our custom design for a homeowner with limited walk-in closet space.

Walk In Closet Design Ideas Limited Storage CAD
Walk-in closet design should be simple and functional. After measuring the amount of clothes that would stay in the walk-in closet, we found there was enough space for extra shelving and two slide out hamper baskets for dirty laundry. (Before incorporating shelves in your design, make sure you take your bedroom furniture into account. If you have a large dresser, you probably don’t need extra shelves).

For this closet, we were able to utilize a wall-mounted system that was suspended off the floor with double hanging sections. A suspended system has closet modules that are not attached to the floor, freeing up space and making good use of a small wall area. The homeowner used the suspended shelving for jewelry, linens, accessory items and shoes.

It isn’t typical to store shoes on a shelf within a double hanging section but there was extra space leftover after using the hanging sections for shorter length clothes. More shoes are stored directly underneath the lower hanging section. While this isn’t the best location for shoes (you can’t easily see them), at least they’re out of the walking area.

As you can see, just because you have a small walk-in closet in your home doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a sub-par storage solution. By thinking through your problems carefully and deciding what’s important to you, you can come up with a great walk-in closet design idea that’s both fun and functional.

organization & closets

Many can just wish someone would come and have a dream closet made for us too! However, with limited space, organization is one of the primary things to do to clear the area and assess if more storage is needed. In my case, after clearing the clutter, it just seemed that I really required more space. Luckily I was able to have my storage made by a closets service provider but still, with the things I want to buy, I think we can never have enough closets!

Posted by MWest on Jan 20th, 2012
the path to a closet

Tidying up is the first step before planning a closet. Organizing the items into sorted piles from what's needed to what should be thrown out is a good way to gauge whether or not additional closet space is required.

Posted by closets Bergen on Feb 09th, 2012

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