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Clean Out Your Closet Organizers & Donate!

Help spread Goodwill's Donate Movement and donate items to benefit others.

Posted November 19th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet News, Closet Organizers, Donate, Goodwill
Clean Out Your Closet Organizers & Donate

It's that time of year again.  It's getting cold.  You need more room in your closet organizers for the holidays.  Well, looks like this is a perfect time to clean out your closet organizers and donate items to your local Goodwill.  Fall and Winter donations have the potential to help many people gain access to winter clothes and holiday items and it's something that can benefit all involved.  Simply declutter your closet organizer or home and help.  Pretty simple, huh?

Donating is a Good Thing: Spread the Word

All too often, even though the public is aware of Goodwill and similar groups, items that could help others are not donated, but thrown away.  Yes, it seems irrational to throw out clothing, furniture or housewares that are in good condition, but I see it all the time.  Houston is a large city.... LARGE; not just in population, but by mere geographical size.  Every other month, the city of Houston has "big trash day".  In other words, households can dump larger items and excess "trash" on the curb for the city to haul away.  While this is a needed service and allows easy disposal of broken and unusable items, it also sometimes makes me... well, sad.

Cleaning out your closet organizer is a great habit, but remember that after your closet organizers are neat and tidy, others can benefit from items you may no longer need.

Our neighborhood had "big trash day" last month and while walking my dog through the neighborhood that morning I saw bags of clothes, bedroom furniture and toys all in fair to good condition just lying on the curb.  Now, I'm not saying all these items were suitable for donation and I'm glad to see people controlling clutter by cleaning out closet organizers, garages and bedrooms, but I know many were good candidates.  And since Houston IS a large city, I know there are many places all over town were you can drop off donateable items easily. Cleaning out your closet organizer is a great habit, but remember that after your closet organizers are neat and tidy, others can benefit from items you may no longer need.

Why I Donate

To me, donation is a win-win situation and I fully support Goodwill's efforts to grow The Donate Movement.  Working in the closet organizer industry, I clean out my closets often... probably more than I should, but hey, we all have to be anal about something.  I set things aside in my garage that are suitable to donate, then when I have a full bag, I simply drop them off.  It's no different to me than dropping off dry cleaning.  Simple. 

And now, being that I know many people cleaned out closet organizers for the new school year and have probably done so again for the winter season, I just wanted to remind everyone to donate items if you can and are able.  Like I told my sister, "if you have time to clean your closet organizers or drop of your dry cleaning, you have time to drop by Goodwill".

Why Donate Now

I know winter is approaching most places when I can feel a chill in Houston, Texas and with chilly weather comes the need for winter clothes.  Donating unused winter items from your closet organizers prior to really cold weather can help others and free up some space in your home.  And if you know someone else who is able to donate, remind them!  Mention Goodwill to a few friends and combine donation items if you can.

Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why I've Donated This Year:

  • I moved to a new house and had no room for many clothing items and furniture.
  • I clean my closet organizers and hall closets often to control clutter.
  • Sometimes I make impulse clothing purchases or find I do not wear an item as I thought I would.
  • I rotate new and old items in my closet organizers.  Older items that I no longer want will get donated.
  • I've been fortunate in life to get help when I needed it and like to contribute back when I can.

Words of Advice

Lastly, a very important piece of advice that I give myself every time I clean out my closet organizers:  Can someone else benefit from these items I no longer need?

If the asnwer is yes...
  • Find your local Goodwill location.
  • Check with others and combine donation efforts.
  • If you are unable to drive, call ahead to see if your location offers a pick-up service.
  • Adhere to the Donation Guidelines to ensure that donations are accepted and are of proper quality.

Closet Organizers Donate Goodwill

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