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Posted October 12th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet News, Closet Organization Guest Blogs
Closet Organization Guest Blogs

We love our viewers and providing them valuable information about closet organization is important to us as a closet resource. Inviting guest authors to help contribute to this information by providing closet organization guest blogs is a technique that is highly beneficial to everyone.  Guest blogs furnish viewers with a broader variety of content from a professional source and provides the guest author a bio link, increases his or her exposure and can improve the traffic of the guest blogger's website.


Closet organization guest blogs should include useful, relevant and well-written content.  Readers should be able to follow an article with ease and clearly understand the benefits, educational information or value provided in a guest blog.  Remember also, that we are a resource for all closet organizers and no efforts to dismiss or negatively impact another closet organization firm, individual or group, will be allowed; in other words, all guest blogs should be in good taste.

It is also a good idea to search our archives before submitting an article topic. If Closet Pages has already covered that topic in the past, it will likely be rejected unless new and creative insights are offered.

The important thing is that your closet organization guest blog provides useful value to our readers.


  • Topics:  Article topics are reviewed for approval prior to submission. Content must be original, not duplicated, never published on the Internet and related to closet organization.

  • Reviews:  Product and service reviews are not allowed; therefore, no affiliate or self-promotion links. If you're interested in promoting a closet organization product or service, you can learn more about this option from our advertise with us pages.

  • Post Length:  Limited to a minimum of 600 words.

  • Images:  Images must be royalty-free or used in accordance with license. If you own the image, you are granting to use it by including it in the article.

  • Re-publishing:  You agree to not publish the blog post anywhere else but can link back to the article from your blog. You can promote the article on social media sites such as twitter, facebook, digg, etc.

  • Editing:  Closet Pages reserves the right to edit the articles as needed (grammar mistakes, keyword substitution, internal links).

  • Byline:  Include up to 2 links in author's byline with a maximum of 40 words for each of the submitted closet organization guest blogs. In return, a link back to Closet Pages from your website is appreciated. Link description details will be provided upon approval of closet organization guest blog topic.

  • Article Format:  Includes Title, Subtitle, Article Text, Images, Byline


If you have an article topic that you would like to submit for review, send us an email and include links of previous articles written. Usually within a week we will reply stating if we will accept your closet organization guest blog or not.  If you don't hear from us within this timeframe, give us a call to make sure we received your submission.

Once you receive an email from us regarding the approval of your article topic, you can reply to our email and insert your formatted closet organization guest blog article within the body or as a .doc attachment.

Submit an article topic to participate in our closet organization guest blogs.

Like to Share?  If you would like to post this article on your website, simply view our republishing instructions.  You can also stay up-to-date with more closet organizer articles by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

Professional Organizer Loves the Idea of Posting Articles

Thanks for the invitation to post articles for your blog!

As an organizer who has installed closets for mothers and children (and men!), I have great tips on getting lots of function out of a closet and easy ways to arrange things.

I've submitted a request to contribute and share what I've learned with your readers. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Posted by Melody Granger on Oct 13th, 2010

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