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How Closet Pages Stands Out!

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Posted April 29th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet News
Closet Pages Stands Out

Closet Pages is excited to join the online advertising enterprise as an extensive and interactive resource for the closet trade and its consumers. Providing detailed advertiser listings, multiple marketing opportunities, industry specific newsletters, ample closet resources and professional knowledge simultaneously allows Closet Pages to aid both consumers and advertisers to connect, learn and take action all from one convenient site!

We're Not Just Friendly, We're User friendly!

We have worked hard to make sure Closet Pages can be a great and trusted closet organizer resource for consumers of closet industry services.  We have included helpful resources and forms, photo galleries for inspiration, consumer guides, closet solution definitions and examples as well as tons of great blogs with relative and useful information.  Our detailed and eye catching directory listings help consumers too.  Consumers can educate themselves on closet organizer solutions, decide which is best for them (and their budget) then immediately search closet organizer listing to view individual company profiles, business statistics, map locations and more - even request a consultation right from the listing; a benefit for both consumers and our advertisers.  We try our hardest to make everyone happy at Closet Pages; smiles and satisfied customers make our day!

Why Advertise Now? 

Closet Pages Welcomes You With Great Specials!

Secure your one-of-a-kind directory listing, experience the benefits of industry specific target marketing, participate in our email marketing program, gain leads and take advantage of our first year discounts and incentives!

Benefits For Closet Organizers
  • Secure your Closet Organizer directory search ranking
  • 1st year discount on all directory advertising
  • Lead generation solutions including consultation requests
  • Targeted local and national marketing opportunities
  • Closet Organizer "Call to Action" search on every page
  • Define your company type within 7 Closet Organizer categories
  • Closet Organizer directory search by metro areas
Benefits For Wholesale Distributors
  • 1st year discount on Website advertising
  • Focused on lead generation and company branding
  • Email marketing opportunities directed to subscribers
  • Banner and Product Showcase advertising

See What ClosetPages is All About

Closet Pages is not your usual directory listing site; it is industry specific and targets the closet industry's prime market.  We offer so much more than conventional online advertising by focusing on the closet trade, consumer education, innovative marketing techniques and rich content and media.  Explore some of our benefits below or view our online advertising media pages.

Directory Listings and Marketing Opportunities

For closet professionals, the listing options we offer provide companies the opportunity to supply as much information as they consider fit:  videos, photo galleries and even remotely update your listing with blog or facebook feeds on their local advertising page.  This feature showcases your company and helps consumers research your services from a site they trust.

All advertisers, including manufacturers and distributors, can also take advantage of our other marketing opportunities such as rotating banner ads, email sponsorship and our product showcase. Closet organizers can also participate in our email sponsorship program, which is great for local and national businesses alike.

Industry Specific

Unlike other online directories, Closet Pages is specific to the closet industry and specializes in consumer education, which results in better leads for our advertisers.  The Closet Pages directory stands to be the largest national source for finding closet organizers, custom closet companies, modular closet systems, closet accessories and professional organizers.

Cost Effective

Internet marketing costs a fraction of traditional advertising methods.  In fact, when compared to traditional advertising programs, Closet Pages costs an average of $23,500 less per year!  With an average year of Closet Pages advertising around $1,200 and an average full service custom closet sale ranging between $2,000 and $4,500, advertising costs for a full year can be recouped with a single closet installation!

Design Scheme and Content

Closet Pages focuses on the closet industry's target market and major metropolitan areas to bring our advertisers the best and most qualified leads.  Each web page of Closet Pages focuses on a strong "Call to Action" message to easily assist consumers in Finding A Closet Organizer. Our site design scheme and valuable content helps guide consumers through their options to find their individual closet organization need or closet professional; this saves everyone time and populates the best results for consumers and advertisers.

Email Newsletters

Consumer and business specific online newsletters are one of our main focuses at Closet Pages.  We are dedicated to providing all of our subscribers with the latest closet industry news, design trends, product spotlights, organizational tips and more.

Online Target Marketing

Industry specific Internet advertising targets prime markets and consumers: the customers that are already researching for and financially capable of purchasing a specific service or product.  This, in turn, results in more qualified leads, higher sales closing rates, lower advertising costs and a quick return on resources spent on promotions.   Closet Pages offers local and national advertising options and email newsletters to fit the needs of all or our advertisers while providing our partners' potential clientele a valuable service. 

Superior to Traditional Advertising

Traditional methods of advertising face great challenges when trying to promote a brand or product to a target market. Fundamentally, they can only blanket large areas of consumers, most of which had no prior interest in the service they are being solicited. This often results in wasted advertising funds and unsuitable leads; making it much harder to produce a high return on advertising investments with traditional marketing.

For more information on advertising opportunities, go to our Advertise with Us page.

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