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Posted December 10th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Organization, Child Closet, Closet Organizers, Kids Closet Organizers
Kids Closet Organizers

Children get frustrated by cleaning and tidying up just like adults do.  One key ingredient for your child being independent and responsible for using their closet is to make it super easy to access with kids closet organizers!  Once you feel comfortable allowing your child access to select their clothing and to put their clothing away, then it is time for their closet to fit their body size.


First Things First

Non-Adhesive Shelf-Liner

The first thing I recommend in kids closet organizers is to adjust the shelves and rods to be within your child’s reach.  Adjustable kids closet organizers are installed on metal vertical tracks running down the back of the closet wall.  Options for closet shelving material are wood, wood composite or wire.  If you use wire shelving, it is best to add a non-adhesive shelf liner; this creates the appearance and function of a solid shelf, prevents items from bulging, slipping through ventilated shelving and prevents items from sliding off the shelf.  These liners can be found in the kitchen department of home retail or online stores. You can also use wire shelf dividers to separate items on each shelf.

Simple Customization For Kids

Create different sections in kids closet organizers, such as, a row of shelves for shoes or folded clothing.  You can customize the sections in kids closet organizers for hanging clothing, drawers or hampers based on your child’s storage needs. 

The top shelves of kids closet organizers can be used to store rarely used items, such as pillows and blankets for sleep overs.  Hooks and other closet accessories on the inside of kids closet organizers or on the wall are ideal for hanging thin carry bags or belts.  Of course, you can store other items, such as bins of toys or books in the closet as well. 

Make It Easy!

Over The Door Closet Shoe Organizer

Containers without lids are ideal for children because it requires one less motion for your child to perform when placing items where they belong.  But, if you have a dirty laundry basket or bin for shoes, then use the lid and close it.  Another idea is to line-up colorful containers around the perimeter of the closet for your child to toss items into.  These will be categorized, of course!  Let your child decide what they want to store in the containers; this encourages ownership and promotes pride.

All The Little Things

Hanging kids closet organizers, such as those for shoes that hang on the back of a closet door are great, versatile storage containers.  Ideas for a shoe bag, besides shoes, are belts, scarves, gloves, hats, smaller toys, crafts or even brushes and lotions.  Your best bet for a shoe organizer is to store little items that keep landing on the floor and do not have a permanent home in another area of the bedroom or closet.  I recommend a sturdy shoe bag with clear or opaque pockets for easy viewing for children.  A child may enjoy a bag with a specific background color.   The bag can also be installed onto closet door with small decorative screws vs. using the over the door hanger.

More Than Just Organizing

Oh yes, make sure you have a donate container for those items your child has decided they don’t need anymore.  My children have a brown paper bag that is decorated with all the reasons they know it’s time to pass something on.  Let your child get creative and come up with his or her own reasons of when it is time to pass on toys or clothing.  You’ll be building decision-making skills.  And that is a skill that will be needed for your child’s entire life!

As your child grows and his or her interests change, then easily adjust the kids closet organizers to meet new needs.  The number one thing to keep in mind when organizing your kids closet organizers is “Easy to get to, Easy to put away.”   I’m sure you can appreciate and relate!

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