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Closet Storage Tips For Summer!

Getting your closet ready for summer fun

Posted May 25th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Organization, Closet Accessories, Closet Storage, Do It Yourself
Summer Closet Storage Tips

It’s hot outside; is your bedroom closet still cluttered with sweaters, jackets, and coats?  Can’t find that fabulous bathing suit you bought last season?  Then it’s time to organize and rearrange your closet storage space and closet shelving areas.  The beginning of a season is a great time to organize your closet; it clears out clutter, makes dressing for the weather easier and frees up space for new summer clothing purchases!

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Clean It Out

Regardless of what season it is, go through all of your clothing, closet shelving items and accessories and purge what needs to go!  Clothes that no longer fit and items you haven’t worn in 6 months to a year take up room in your hanging closet storage space, closet shelving, and drawer space… these items are candidates for donation or a garage sale.  Our Closet Organization Checklist may also help free-up some closet storage space.


Now, look at your closet storage space, you will not likely need those cardigans, boots, sweaters or jackets; if you can, separate out your winter clothing from your summer clothing; this includes garments, shoes, accessories and miscellaneous items like hats and scarves.  If you have closet shelving or plan to purchase some, you can store these items on higher closet shelving areas leaving lower shelves for summer clothes and shoes.


Take the casual wear items you will use this summer season: t-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, beach or gardening wear and dedicate an area in the closet storage space for them.  This area should be easily accessible and in plain view.  If you hang up all of your clothing, this should be fairly easy.  If you store items such as t-shirts and shorts in drawers or closet shelving, then place them in a dresser, closet shelving near your summer hanging items or you can purchase a modular closet or custom closet system to accommodate all your needs including seasonal wear.

Formal work attire, uniforms and job related clothing, can be worn all year long.  You can also dedicate an area of the closet storage space to clothing worn to work; these items should also be easily accessible.

Depending on the size and shape of your closet, out-of-season clothing items can be placed towards the back of the closet or on a higher hanging rod with less access.  Sweaters and winter delicates should be folded and stored on high closet shelving or in drawers.  Items like sweaters can become misshaped on hangers, especially if left to hang all summer when not in use (sweaters work best on closet shelving).


If you have a closet shelving section in your closet storage space dedicated to shoes, then arrange your shoes so that summer footwear is at eye level and easy to reach.  Winter shoes and boots can be placed higher up on closet shelving until it gets chilly again.

If you have no closet shelving in your space, consider purchasing closet storage systems to help keep you organized, you can also buy single closet shelving units.  Shoe shelves, cubbies and shoe racks can easily be placed in an existing closet or incorporated into a closet design.  Regardless of the solution, get those flip flops, flats and tennis shoes where you need them: off the floor and in an easily accessible area. 


Winter accessories such as scarves and warm hats can be put away in drawers, high closet shelving or organized with closet accessories. Scarf, tie and belt racks can be placed in a closet, out of the way, and used to store these items all year round. 

Summer accessories should have a dedicated area as well in your closet storage space.  Bathing suits can be hung with summer attire, placed in a small drawer or even hung on wall hooks for the summer.  Summer hats, sashes, sunglasses and similar items work great on closet shelving near the front of the closet.  You can also hang these items on a series of wall hooks for even easier access.

All closets should be organized in a way that makes your items easy to see and reach.  If you can’t see what you’ve got to wear, you may lose items or never get a chance to wear them while they are in season and style, especially with closet shelving. The summer time is a perfect opportunity to get organized; you’ll find that it takes less time to dress, put items up from the laundry and pack for summer vacation!

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