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Pitiful Pantry? Tips for Pantry Closet Organizers

Do you take your kitchen pantry for granted? Aww, make it happy again with these tips for pantry organizers.

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Kitchen Pantry Closet Organizers

Pitiful pantry got you down?  The kitchen pantry is vital to the day-to-day function of a household.  Though, the pantry doesn’t store sweaters or shoes, it’s still a closet and the better organized it is, the more items you can store and the more accessible everything will be.  Kitchen pantry closet organizers range anywhere from pantry shelving to great gadgets and accessories.  Whether you’re looking for tips on pantry organization or just need a few quick-fix ideas, we’ve got some great tips to spruce up your storage space and make your kitchen pantry closet organizers functional and organized.

Pining for a Perfect Pantry?

Well, nothing is perfect, but there are some "guidelines" and tips that can certainly help your kitchen pantry organizers reach an awesome level of function and organization.  I like to think of my own pantry improvements as "perfect-ish" (at least for me).

Tips for Kitchen Pantry Closet Organizers
  • Store similar items together.  Keeping cans with other cans, baking goods with other baking goods and so forth will guarantee that you always know where to look for a certain item.

  • Clean your pantry out regularly.  Considering the rising cost of groceries (don't get me started) it's a good idea to know what you have to avoid such as purchasing duplicate items or food you may not need.

  • Store dry baking ingredients in square plastic containers with labels.  Sugar, baking soda, salt, cocoa, packets of yeast and other such items can spill, become infiltrated by small insects and get disorganized easily.  Labeled square containers stack nicely, are easily managed and protect ingredients while keeping them organized.

  • Store items used on a day-to-day basis or used more frequently at eye level in kitchen pantry closet organizers. 

  • Light-weight bulk items such as paper towels and paper goods can be stored on higher shelves to avoid heavier items from falling or having to be reached from above an uncomfortable height.

  • Use baskets or shelf dividers to keep smaller items such as snacks, small boxes and flavor packets together and within sight.

  • Dry food items such as pastas, cereal and oatmeal work great in tall plastic containers.  Many have latches or spouts at the top for serving.  This keeps pantry items organized, protected and fresh.

  • Dedicate storage containers and baskets for snacks.  Keeping healthy snacks in the pantry at reachable levels can encourage better eating habits.

  • Store taller items towards the back of the kitchen pantry if you do not own shelving accessories.

  • Dedicate a section, shelf or a few pantry closet organizers, to food items such as potatoes or other perishable food items.  Nothing is worse than finding an old potato that has gone bad in the back of a kitchen pantry.

Great Accessories for Kitchen Pantry Closet Organizers

There are hundreds of closet organizer accessories made specifically for the kitchen pantry, but I'd like to point out some of my favorites.  They are affordable, functional and best of all they keep my stress level down when I'm in the kitchen.  I cook a lot and and use kitchen pantry closet organizers every single day.

Stair-Step Pantry Shelf Organizers

  • Stair-step pantry shelf organizers are shelving units that work by increasing each tier by an inch or two creating a stepped shelf so that every food item is within sight.  This helps to keep a good pantry inventory as well and can avoid double purchases of items already bought.  And some tiered shelving expands to fit the width of your pantry space!

Slide-Out Pantry Shelves

  • For deep kitchen pantries, slide-out pantry shelves are amazing.  Many kitchen pantry closet organizers do not have adjustable shelving and there may not be enough vertical room for many shelving accessories; that's where slide-out shelves save the day.  This allows the entire depth of the pantry shelf to be utilized without food items getting lost in the back.  The slide-out pantry closet organizers roll forward and bring all items within sight.

Pantry Stacking Baskets

  • Stacking baskets make great kitchen pantry closet organizers for small, easy to lose items.  Flavor packets, small bags of chips, snacks and other grab-and-go items fit great and can be separated out into different baskets; and the baskets can be stacked on top of one another, creating your own personal pantry system.  Organizing similar items in each basket will help to keep track of what's in stock and give everyone easier access to food prep items and their favorite munchies.

Under Shelf Pantry Baskets

  • Under shelf pantry baskets are what I use to store my food wrapping items; foil, plastic wrap and wax paper fit great in these and free up drawer space in the kitchen.  The basket unit slides onto a shelf creating a storage space below that is out of the way and accessible.

Three Tiered Pantry Can Rack

  • "Can" it get better than a three tiered pantry can rack?  This tiered can rack from Get Organized can hold up to 60 cans!  Wow.  A huge space saver!


Pantry Spice Clip Set

  • You didn't think I'd forget spice racks, did you?  I have acquired a huge spice collection and I use all of them weekly.  For spices, a lazy suzan can work great in a pantry or cabinet, but I also love the idea of a spice clip set.  Spice clips can be mounted on a pantry door and each strip can hold 4 spice containers each; perfect for small or large collections of spices!


If you don't have the means for a brand new custom pantry closet, or if you rent instead of own a home, shelving accessories and kitchen pantry closet organizers can help you stay organized and manage your pantry inventory.  Even a few little additions or small kitchen pantry closet organizers can make a huge difference that you will notice everyday.

If you are interested in getting quotes on a new custom pantry closet organizer, check out our closet organizer directory for your area - there are great modular and custom closet organizers who provide these services as well.  Remember, a kitchen pantry is a closet too!

Check out some fall season pantry organization tips or check out our closet organizers blog for more information on closets, design and great closet organization products.

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