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Sharing Closet Storage

How to successfully share a bedroom closet and keep it organized

Posted July 25th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Organization, Closet Storage, Closet Storage Organizer
Sharing Closet Storage

Sharing a closet with someone can be tricky, hard to manage and can even cause arguments at times.  Not every two people who share a closet have the same amount of storage items and clothing, nor does everyone share the same closet management system.  Let’s face it; some of us are neat freaks, some of us are pack rats and some of us are in between.  Luckily, there are some techniques to successfully share space and keep bedroom closets neat and tidy.

Whether you recently moved in with someone or you have been sharing a closet space with another for years, there are some methods to make sharing that space a whole lot easier.

Clean Out the Closet

The first step to getting a shared bedroom closet space organized is to clean it out and get rid of the clutter… together.  This will require both of you to clean the space out at the same time and consult each other on what needs to be removed.  Do not throw away or donate any closet item without the other’s approval;  that could lead to trouble.  If you want to purchase any closet organizers or components, do this prior to buying any closet storage organizer so you know how many clothes you will actually have.  For added help, print out our Closet Organizing Checklist.

Divide the Space

Whether you want to hear it or not, the best way to share any storage space or closet storage organizer is 50/50.  In most cases, one person will have more belongings than the other, but this is only fair.  Live within your storage capacity and divide the closet in half;  this also shows respect for the other person’s space.

If there is unused space on one side, perhaps you can compromise and use this space for a drawer or hamper unit. You may find that the closet is easier to manage, looks cleaner and is easily kept organized with an added closet storage organizer (like drawers) or with just the extra room.


If you have shared items, seasonal items or boxes that are kept in the closet space, discuss together where these items will be stored as to not upset anyone or take for granted that some of their closet space is less important.  When there’s a designated spot for everything, clutter is less likely to build up.  See how much total space you need with our Closet Inventory Form.

Keep It Clean

Clean out the closet regularly.  Laundry days are great days to get rid of anything you don’t need or want.  You’ll be in the closet anyway, just set aside clothing to donate instead of sticking it back in the closet if you no longer need it.  Just remember to ask the other person before designating their items for donation.

Add a Closet Storage Organizer

If you do not have a custom closet, closet storage organizer or adequate rods and shelving, you can purchase a closet storage organizer system or accessory components.  These closet organization systems are built to help keep your closet space manageable.  Drawer units, shoe racks, specialty clothes hangers, shelving units or a hanging storage organizer can greatly increase the storage space and function in any closet!

To find out more about closet storage organizers, look through our closet solutions page.

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dividing the space

Some very helpful hints listed here. I have found that instead of keeping heavy coats, jackets, hoodies in the small closet that we have.. I use the spare bedroom closet to store those items in. It frees us alot of space that makes it easier to share 50/50!

Posted by Donna on Sep 21st, 2010

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