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Tips For Better Clothes Storage

Find out how each type of garment should be stored to keep them looking their best

Posted August 09th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Organization, Closet Accessories, Clothes Hangers, Clothes Storage
Better Clothes Storage Tips

We all get in a rush sometimes and just throw our clean laundry or dry cleaning (still in the bag) back into the closet on any hanging rod and this is how things get messy and clothing gets ruined.  Closet organization is easy, but needs constant upkeep.  Little things we do every day can have a big effect on both closet organization and the condition of the clothing you keep in the closet.  We know this and have put together 5 easy clothes storage tips that can add a longer life to your garments and help with closet organization.

First, we would like to point out that clothes storage greatly influences closet organization.  Good clothes storage habits will make closet organization easier and you'll be happier with the overall shape and look of your closet.

Tips for Clothes Storage and Closet Organization:

Typical Hanging Clothes Storage Items

Regular items like shirts, buttoned shirts, jackets and causal wear do great on plain, thick plastic hangers.  These hangers have, over time, become a staple for all clothes storage and closet organization.  They are better for closet organization, less likely to misshape regular items and are safer and less sharp.

Wide Collar Shirts and Blouses

Shirts with wide collars and even some v-neck shirts can easily fall off of a standard closet hanger.  Hangers with padding or velvet lined hangers work great to stop these items from slipping off and falling to the ground.  For all clothes storage, velvet hangers have become a favorite.  They are practical, functional and come in many styles, patterns and colors.


Pants are mostly hung folded over the bar of a clothes hanger, some are hung lengthwise on a hanger with clasps. 

If you are going to hang pants folded over a hanger, use a thick, sturdy hanger, NOT a wire hanger.  Thicker hangers are best for this type of clothes storage since they will not leave a crease.  There are also many great hangers and closet organization products made specifically for pants with non-slip bars which keep the pants from sliding and wrinkling.

If you prefer to hang your pants length wise, use a pants hanger with padded, non-adjustable clasps.  It is nice to have the option to adjust the clasps, but this often results in them sliding toward the middle and wrinkling the pants.  Find a clasp hanger that fits your garments and stick with that size.


Knitted sweaters and wool are hard clothes storage items to put away.  These types of clothing will get misshaped or damaged if hung on a hanger and are best folded and placed on a shelf or in a drawer.


Fine materials such as silk, lace, chiffon and other delicate wear items should be placed on padded or velvet lined hangers.  This will help them keep their shape and they will not get snagged on any part of a wooden hanger.

Dry Cleaning

It may be tempting to hang your dry cleaning as it comes from the launders: on a wire hanger in the protective plastic garment cover, but this can damage your clothing.  Wire hangers are notorious for creasing and misshaping clothes.  Clothes storage for dry cleaning should be the same as your other specialty items.  Take them out of the bag and place them on a plastic, padded or velvet hanger depending on what type of garment it is.  The protective bag can also hold in moisture and odors from dry cleaning chemicals and should be removed.  For closet organization, the removal of the bags will make the closet look more orderly.

Closet Organization Tip:  Get Rid of the Wire

Another great clothes storage tip:  get rid of those metal clothes hangers.  I don't know one person who uses wire hangers for clothes storage anymore.  Sometimes they can do more damage than good.  A great way to get these out of the house and "recycle" them is to give them to your local dry cleaner.  They will be out of your house but still being used by those who need them.

Closet organization and clothes storage doesn't have to be hard; as long as you know the best way to store everything.  There are even all types of specialty hangers available for just about any garment you can imagine.  If you are unsure about a specific clothes storage item, you can search different closet accessories to find one that's right for you.

Print our Closet Organization Checklist for a great reference!

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