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How to Pack Closet Storage For a Move

Packing tips for getting all of your storage items to your new home

Posted June 21st, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Planning, Closet Organization, Closet Storage, Moving, Packing Tips
Closet Storage Packing for Move

Moving to a new home can be very exciting; it also can be extremely stressful.  Planning how to pack everything in your home is not something we look forward to and packing the closet can be intimidating.  Closet storage items are things we need on a day-to-day basis, so it is important to pack all of your closet storage items in a manner that will give you easy access to your clothes when you and your belongings arrive at your new home.  Packing correctly can also improve closet organization in your new closet.

For packing and closet organization, it is best to focus on one group of closet storage items at a time.

First Closet Storage Item:  Clothing
  • For hanging items, it is best to have wardrobe boxes or rolling garment racks, these items are great since they include hanging closet rods and store your items on the hanger.  If you do not have these items, you can fold all of your clothing, but they may be wrinkled or creased during the move.

  • Focus on the garments in your closet you know you want to keep and move to your new home. Keep closet organization in mind when packing so unpacking will be a breeze.

  • Take the clothing you will keep out of the closet on the hanger and place them directly into the wardrobe box or on the garment racks.  The clothing left in the closet that you do not want to keep can be folded and placed in a box or large bag and set aside for donation.

  • Once you have all of your hanging items packed away, you can focus on folded items.  Each type of folded closet storage item should have its own small, light weight box (clothes can get very heavy) and each box should be properly labeled.  For example, all socks can be in a small cardboard box that is clearly labeled “socks”, all folded sweaters should be in a small cardboard box labeled “sweaters” and so forth; this is great for closet organization and will ensure that all of your packed closet storage items can be easily transported during the move and easily found at the new home.

  • Neck ties, scarves, sleepwear, belts and drawer items can be done at this time in the same fashion as well.  Again, the folded closet storage items you will not be moving with you can go in the “donation” box.

Second Closet Storage Item: Shoes
  • The most abundant closet storage item in many closets after clothing is usually shoes.  Although some may pack shoes in a large bag, I do not recommend this.  Shoes should also be stored in clearly labeled boxes for transport. 

  • Keeping pairs together, place all shoes that you will be keeping in cardboard or plastic boxes.  Shoes are also heavy in large numbers, so be sure not to store so many shoes in each box that it will be difficult to carry.  Continue packing all the shoes you will keep until you have them all boxed.  Closet organization will be easier when you set up in your new closet if all your items are easy to find and labeled. Shoes that you no longer wish to keep can be added to your “donation” section.

Third Closet Storage Item: Hand Bags, Backpacks, Satchels, Gym Bags, etc.
  • Storage items such as handbags should be packed and transported with care.  Purses and bags can get creased, dented, flattened and even ruined it they are packed to tightly in a moving box. 

  • One by one, take each handbag you will keep and carefully place it in a shorter, small or medium sized cardboard box.  For nice or delicate purses, you may want to cover them in bubble wrap or newspaper before setting them in the box.  Purses move well in shorter boxes so that they are not stacked on top of one another – this will decrease the chance of damage to the handbags.  Purses that are in good shape but no longer wanted are excellent candidates for donation.

  • You may need a few boxes since you will be using shorter (smaller) boxes for purses, but this is better for packing, closet organization and will make sure nothing is damaged, which can happen when bags are crammed in one large box while being transported.  These boxes should also be clearly labeled.

Fourth Closet Storage Item:  All Other Closet Storage Items
  • Closet storage items such as boxes of pictures, toys, books, keepsakes and oddly shaped items should be packed similarly to your clothing items.  The key is packing each item in easily manageable boxes and clearly marking its contents.

  • You may choose to have a box devoted to photos, another for board games and one for trinkets and keepsakes. 

  • When packing a small or medium box with may small items, it’s a good idea to make a list of all the contents and taping the list to the box.  This method will keep you from going crazy opening every box to find a particular item when unpacking later.

  • Books are best packed in small boxes, taking care to pack similarly sized books together for a good fit.  Boxes of books can be extremely heavy; so many smaller, lighter boxes are easier to carry than large, heavier boxes of books.

After packing all of the closet storage items you would like to keep, it is likely that there will still be some things left in the closet.  If these items are not candidates for dontation you should throw them away and recylcle what you can.  Now, you can dust and clean the closet and move on to other parts of the home that need packing.

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