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Holiday Visitors? Guest Closet Organizers That Wow

Wow your guests and improve closet storage space with these great ideas.

Posted December 02nd, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Planning, Closet Organizers, Guest Closet Organizers, Holiday Storage
Guest Closet Organizers

Guest closet organizers aren't just for the holidays, but they do come in handy when this time of year rolls around.  My parent's house, for example, has no space at all for our luggage when we visit (sorry, Mom).  A closet organizer solution in a guest room, office or hall closet can help you store and organize extra clothing, linens and household items all year long, and when visitors come knocking for the holidays, they'll have top of the line guest accommodations.

Ah, the Holidays...

Guest Closet Organizer with Luggage Storage Space

My parent's house fills up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They're empty-nesters, but during the holidays their 3 bedroom home fills up with my 2 sisters, my brother, myself, 3 Miniature Schnauzers, 1 Welsh Corgi, 1 Guinea Pig, a Silky Terrier, a cat and those we hold dear enough (human and K-9 alike) to bring home for the holidays.

For the last 12 years or so, when I visit my parents, I've become accustomed to putting my suitcase on the fireplace mantle - one of the only places in the house that's safe from the circus of pets we all bring home for visits.  Recently it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe we should find another place to keep luggage and such this year... the mantle gets crowded quick and I think my younger sister has dibs on it this year. 

Cue the Guest Closet Organizers!

The threat of a small and curious dog chewing up your holiday outfit or hair dryer cord is not the only reason to incorporate guest closet organizers in a home, it is a good one though.  Home offices, hall storage closets, and guest room closets have great, I mean great, storage potential. 

Once a small and functional closet organizer system has been installed, standard household items and seasonal clothing can be placed back in the closet.  And since storage space will be maximized, there will be enough room left for guest storage.  This is a great way to transform a standard closet into a multi-functional space that everyone will love!

Plan Ahead: Ideas for Guest Closet Organizers

Guest Closet Organizers CAD Design

  • Include a small long hanging section, double hanging and some accessible shelving.
  • If the closet is very small, under 3 feet across, try a lower hanging bar with shelving above.
  • Incorporating a few drawers is a good idea, but there's no need to go overboard.
  • Guest closet organizers can be minimal while still providing great function and style.
  • Leave some open space on the floor or top shelf for luggage.
  • Stock guest closet systems with a few towels, linens and toiletries and you'll always be prepared for company.
  • Installing closet accessories such as a nice coat hook or valet rod will function for several storage situations and provide guests with a little something extra.
  • Provide plastic, wooden or velvet hangers for guests to use.  You will have extra hanger storage and when you entertain overnight guests, they will have ample hangers to accommodate their clothing.

Organized Year-Round

Guest closet organizers add style and function to extra closet space all year long and offer visitors a nice and organized spot to place all of their travel items and apparel while making them feel at home and welcome.  As with walk-in closet systems and custom closets, well planned guest closet organizers have no end to the style and configuration options to choose from; the storage possibilities are endless.

To see more guest closet organizers, check out our reach-in closet design gallery!

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