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ClosetMaid ShelfTrack 5 to 6' Closet Organizer

Check out this great, simple and affordable solution for reach-in closets!

Posted December 17th, 2010   |   Tags: Closet Products, Closet Organizers, ClosetMaid Closet Organizers, Reach-In Closets
ClosetMaid 2886 ShelfTrack 5 to 6 Foot Closet Organizer Reach-In Closet

So, you have a reach-in closet instead of that dreamy walk-in closet you've always wanted; no problem!  Walk-in bedroom closets are great; they offer great closet storage space and are usually a safe bet when playing hide-and-seek.  But reach-in closets have great potential too and, if organized correctly, can provide a great closet design and be quite functional.  For small spaces, ClosetMaid offers a great  reach-in closet organizer at a very fair price!

ClosetMaid closet organizers are a great do-it-yourself solution for just about any reach-in closet.  What recently caught my eye is the ClosetMaid 2886 ShelfTrack 5-to-6-Foot Closet Organizer with SuperSlide Shelving

Adjustable to My Needs? Yes, Please!

First, this system is fully adjustable, which I love!  Being able to somewhat customize pre-manufactured ClosetMaid closet organizers is what really got my attention (I'm a control freak, I like to set things up my way, so this feature is amazing to me).  The SuperSlide feature allows hangers to slide without interruption, even around corners.  It's also compatible with most other ClosetMaid closet organizers and shelving, which means I can add to it if I need to. 

Amazing Value!

Aside from the actual storage potential and organization that ClosetMaid closet organizers offer, the cost of these systems is great.  Sure, you may need to assemble this yourself, but it's worth it.  Adding closet storage space is great, but it's better when you can fill the closet with a few new items because of money saved on the closet system (this is how I rationalize new shoes and dresses).  ClosetMaid closet organizers like this one also makes a great gift! 

It's Not Magic, It Just Works Great.

Normally, a 6 foot wide reach-in closet has one closet rod with one shelf across the entire back wall.  The 5-6 foot ClosetMaid closet organizers can offer up to 8 feet hanging space and up to 12 feet of shelf space, basically doubling shelving space and adding feet of hanging storage all in the same closet! 

What's great also, is that you can use these ClosetMaid closet systems in walk-in closets, garages and anywhere else you need more storage space.  If you have concerns, you can always, start with a basic kit and configure as needed with other ClosetMaid closet organizers, parts and accessories.

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ClosetMaid 2886 ShelfTrack 5-to-6-Foot Closet Organizer with SuperSlide Shelving White Display
Product Description
  • All shelving & hardware to organize up to 6' closet
  • Uses ClosetMaid's Super Slide Shelving for uninterrupted hanger slide
  • Easy & sturdy installation
Product Features
  • ClosetMaid Closet organizer system designed for smaller closets
  • Spans from 5 - 6' across closet
  • Up to 8' hanging space and up to 12' shelf space
  • Easy to assemble; fully adjustable; heavy-duty design
  • Includes ClosetMaid's SuperSlide hanging system
  • Dimensions: 96H x 72W x 12D


Ready. Set. Go... Need Help?

If you are unsure about your closet storage needs or what ClosetMaid closet organizers will best fit your space, check out and print our Closet Inventory Form and Closet Measurement Form!

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