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Dusty Duds? How To Clean Wood Closet Organizers

Find the best way to maintain and clean your closet storage solutions.

Posted January 18th, 2011   |   Tags: Do It Yourself, Closet Organization, Wood Closet Organizers
Clean Wood Closet Organizers

So you've decided to clean out your closet, good for you!  But what about your closet organizer system itself?  Is it dusty? Go ahead, run your finger over your closet shelves, no one is watching.  Mmmm hmmm... DUST!  Whether you have wood closet organizers, a melamine system or MDF shelving, it's a good idea to keep up maintenance on your closet systems;  they are, after all, an investment that should be well taken care of.  I'm not saying you have to clean them constantly, but keep an eye out.  Don't let dust and grime build up too long - it could transfer to your clothing... or worse, your purses and shoes!

But I don't have a dust (cough, cough, sneeze) problem!

Everyone's home has dust and grime somewhere.  Most closets, because of their size, have little or no ventilation to circulate air.  Dust particles, mist from renegade hair products, pet hair and dirt that clings to your shoes and clothes settle down and get cozy in your closets; this is also bad for those of us who have allergies.

Repeat after me...

I [state your name] admit that I may have a teeny, tiny dust and/or grime issue in my wood closet organizers.  Great.  Now that you've moved passed acceptance, let's figure out what your closet shelving is made of.

Common Materials Of Wood Closet Organizers
  • Natural Wood
  • Melamine
  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

If you're uncertain of what type of material your closet shelving is made of, you can reference our Wood Closet Organizers article.

Time to Shine!

Well, shine or polish, dust or wipe to be more specific.  Here we go; simple and easy ways to clean your wood closet organizers.

Cleaning Wood Closet OrganizersNatural wood closet organizers: Dusting with a feather duster along with wood furniture polish or spray can help to maintain the integrity of the wood surface and keep it clean.  Painted wood closet organizers can be cleaned with a damp towel.  Just like wood furniture, wood closet organizers may need furniture polish or oil to keep their luster and rich, beautiful appearance.

Melamine closet solutions:  Routine cleaning can be performed with a damp towel and light soap.  Dusting or wood polish spray may also be applied.  Glass cleaner may be applied to glass shelving or door fronts.

Personally, I've found wood furniture polish spray and a paper towel to work perfect on these (especially for getting rid of fingerprint smudges).

MDF closet systems:  Normal cleaning can be performed with a damp towel and light soap. Dusting or wood polish spray may also be applied. Be careful to keep any exposed areas of MDF (under the wood like covering, paint or thermofoil) dry and free of moisture.  MDF is a great product, but if not properly sealed it can swell in damp conditions.

Closet hanging rods:  You can simply wipe down a dusty hanging closet rod with a damp towel or a damp paper towel with light soap.

See?  It's that easy.

I have found that all are fairly simple to clean, but cleaning wood closet organizers is a chore that escapes many people I know.  It's one of those things that people don't really think about too often, and that's fine.  Cleaning your closet shelving does not have to be a frequent event, but it's good practice to give them a good dusting or cleaning a few times a year.

Don't run right to your closet and start throwing your shoes and pants out onto the floor to gain access to the shelving and poles of your closet system.  Wait until you plan a closet organizing day or purge older clothing, this way the process will be even easier and you remove dusty clothing from the area prior to cleaning.  When you're done, properly replace your clothes storage items and your closet will be organized and clean!  For a fresh, clean scent, add some closet storage air fresheners for a final touch!

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Interesting Tips

Have to give them a try! Recently got a new closet installed by a company called Organized Interiors.

Posted by bedroom closets on Sep 16th, 2011
Great idea!

You caught me red handed! (cough, cough, sneeze)

I have to admit dust does collect on your clothes after a while. Especially if it is something you haven't worn all year like sweaters or jackets!

Posted by Julia Stephenson on Oct 18th, 2011
Wood Closet Tips

My house made up by wood I always suffered bad in cleaning of it however thanks for the idea it really give help to me.

Posted by Jane Gonzales on Jun 27th, 2012

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