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Considerations for do it yourself closet organizer systems

Posted May 18th, 2010   |   Tags: Do It Yourself, Closet Organizers, Custom Closet, Modular Closet
DIY Closet Organizers

There are a few options for the do it yourself crowd interested in fitting a closet with new do it yourself closet organizers, but there are also some things to consider.  Do it yourself solutions are becoming more and more popular and with this comes an ever growing number of DIY possibilities that can be purchased.  There are both online and retail solutions that can provide modular or custom closet systems for self installation.

We'll take a look at do it yourself options, then explore what to consider when starting your closet organizer system project.

Modular Do It Yourself Closet Options

Modular DIY Closet Organizers can be bought online or at a retail location; dimensions should be provided with a description for each modular component to help decide which units to purchase and how many of each.  A sales person or online support can be consulted for help.

The online modular DIY closet organizers can be purchased on the internet and shipped to your home.  Modular units are pre-cut and can come in a variety of finishes, sizes and configurations.  These modular units offer a nice range of closet organizers in sections such as hanging areas, drawer sections, shelving and so forth, but remember that these are predetermined sizes and can not be modified. 

It is important to purchase units in sizes that fit your closet space as accurately as possible; the fit may not be exact, but most often than not, it's pretty close if someone takes the time to take good measurements and arrange the closet units in a way that fit their needs.

Custom Do It Yourself Closet Options

Some custom closet companies are completely internet based, which means the company can send you custom-sized closet organizers for you to install.  Provided you take accurate measurements of your closet space, custom online DIY closet organizers can help provide a design with online design tools, phone consultations or via email.  Once a design has been completed, an individual can purchase the closet components online then have them shipped to the home ready for install.


First, let’s consider what needs to be done for DIY closet organizers.  While a full service custom closet company helps to asses your needs, provides a design and performs the installation, these are all things that must be done by an individual, themselves, when taking on a do it yourself closet project.

Assess Your Needs

Before taking everything out of your closet, conduct a closet inventory.  Take note of how much space you need for shirts, long hanging items, skirts, shoes, accessories, folded items, coats, boxes, linens and laundry.  Once you have taken into account what you wish to store, you can plan your closet organizer accordingly.


Whether you are purchasing custom or modular DIY closet organizers, it is wise to design the unit around your needs.  Include closet sections to accommodate everything you have to store. If you are not sure what your needs are exactly, you can estimate 1.5” of closet rod space per hanging item.  See also, our Closet Measuring Guide.

Tear-Out and Installation

With DIY closet organizers, the current shelving must also be torn out to provide space for the new system.  Wire racks are easily taken out, but if a closet has wood shelving or metal brackets, these must be taken off the wall.  If any drywall damage occurs, a quick wall patch can be performed right before the install.  If you wish to paint the closet walls, do so after the wall patch is dry, then prepare to install the closet organizer system.  Not all closets are the same, just like not all DIY closet organizers are the same; do what is best and most feasible for you.  And remember, if you run into trouble, a DIY closet organizer should come with instructions and a number to call for support if needed.

Other Options

If you are looking for DIY closet organizers and don't necessarily wish to re-do your entire closet, you can search for single closet products and accessories.  There are shoe racks or cubbies, extra closet rods, wall hooks, drawer units, tie and belt racks as well as jewelry organizers that are all specifically made to maximize your closet space.

For brief explanations and examples of common closet sections, check our out Closet Organizer Configurations form.

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love the DIY approach

I'm new to the site, and had to take the time to read through some of the older blogs as well. I found the DIY section to be helpful and inspiring! I'm a big fan of the satisfaction you get from making minor home repairs/upgrades yourself. And now I've learned that you can get custom designed closet systems to fit your unique closet space!

Posted by Kasey C. on Sep 22nd, 2010

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