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Install A Hanging Closet Rod

A closet rod is an easy way to add some extra hanging space to your closet

Posted July 21st, 2010   |   Tags: Do It Yourself, Closet Accessories, Hanging Closet Rod
Install a Hanging Closet Rod

Installing an extra hanging closet rod is an easy do-it-yourself solution if all you need is little more hanging space in a closet.  If the closet has a bare wall, you can add function by adding a metal or wood hanging closet rod to increase your storage space.  If the closet has only one hanging closet pole at an elevation of 72” or higher, you can add another rod below.  A hanging closet rod can also be installed on a bedroom or laundry room wall for even more hanging space and function.

Before You Start:

  • Remember that clothing hangs about 18”-24” away from the wall.  Be sure you have depth in the closet to hang garments.

  • Standard clothing items, like shirts, can take up to 42” of vertical hanging space including the clothes hanger.  Consider this when marking the height of your closet rod.

  • Purchase a closet rod at the appropriate length of your space or purchase a rod that can be cut-to-size.

  • You will also need to purchase wall brackets or cup supports to hold the closet rod in place. 

  • Measure the length of the clothes you would like to hang from the top of the clothes hanger to the bottom of the garment (add a few inches for flexibility) for an accurate closet pole height. 

Installing the Hanging Closet Rod:

  • First, locate the studs on the closet wall and mark their position with a pencil.

  • Choose a height for the hanging closet rod you would like to install and mark this also with a pencil. 

  • With a level, a yard stick or another flat edge, draw a line across the wall at your chosen closet rod height.  This line should intersect with the marks you have made to show stud positions.

  • If you are using a wall bracket and rod system, position your brackets along the line you have drawn, then install the brackets by drilling holes into the studs and then screwing them into the wall.  For a sturdy hanging rod, install brackets every 30” or at every other stud.

  • Once the brackets are fastened in place, you can place your hanging closet rod on the brackets.  There is usually a dip in the bracket about 12” from the wall where the rod will rest.

  • Some bracket systems have pre-drilled holes in the dipped area of a wall bracket.  Drill a hole through the hole in the metal bracket and into the wooden hanging closet rod.  A screw through these holes will fasten the bracket to the pole for stability.

  • If you are using a cup mount system, the cups should be installed 12” from the back wall on both return walls, this will allow clothes to hang properly and not rub against the wall.  Screw them into place and set the pole in the cup mounts.  The closet pole should be cut about ½” shorter than the length of the wall to fit in the cup mounts on either end (cup mounts will usually take ¼” of space once fastened to the wall).


  • If you are using metal closet poles and do not have the means to cut-it-to-size yourself, see if your local hardware store can cut it for you.

  • If you can not locate studs or have none in the area you would like to install the hanging closet rod, you can purchase dry wall anchors or other hardware that will hold the weight of the pole.

  • If the bracket has at least 8-10” of flat space on top, you can cut a ½” or ¼” piece of wood or particle board to fit on top of the bracket to act as a shelf.

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