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Directory Listings

The directory listings at are uniquely structured to benefit both consumers and advertisers by grouping closet organizers into 7 specific categories within 84 major metropolitan areas. These categories work in hand with our industry specific website content which helps to guide and prompt consumers towards the appropriate type of closet organizer, resulting in accurate and better qualified leads for our advertisers.  Closet Organizers are categorized as... Custom Closet: Full Service or Online, Modular Closet: Online or Retail, Closet Accessories: Online or Retail, Professional Organizers: Full Service.

Listing Page offers tiered directory listing packages, Platinum, Gold and Silver, for each category within a metro area which determine page rankings and listing features. All paid listings include a Local Page which gives our advertisers options to showcase just about everything a company has to offer including robust company profiles, video footage, photo galleries, social media feeds, such as Facebook or Twitter and a “Call to Action” button for consultation requests submitted right from your local page!

Local Page

The Local Page on is designed to display all the information consumers need to know along with everything an advertiser wants to showcase in a user-friendly format. Both local and national companies can display portfolio samples, video footage, promote special offers, remotely and automatically update their page with social media feeds and receive consultation requests sent from their local directory page on

Consumers will be able to view detailed company profiles, company overviews, understand business operations and services, view photographs and portfolios, make informed decisions, request information or sign up for a consultation from a single local advertising page. Not only will consumers appreciate the convenience of our detailed listings and local page features, but advertisers will obtain better and traceable leads.

Stacks and Stacks detail page example

Page Sections

The local page offers a variety of ways to showcase your company and distinguish it from others with focused and detailed text fields, rich media and more. Features include: Consultation Request “Action Button”, Website Link, Email Page, Print Page, Google Map and Directions, Customer Quotes, Social Media Links and Photo Gallery


The overview tab allows space to describe your company, summarize your business model and personalize your ad for potential consumers. Features include: Company Description and Logo, YouTube Video, Featured Project or Custom Article, Social Media/Blog RSS Feed


A detailed services and information chart allows customers to see all that you have to offer and understand your business operations.


Posting customer reviews help to display accolades from satisfied consumers and earn trust for potential clients.

Special Offers or Custom Tab

Display current company promotions and discount offers from your local page.

Request a Consultation

Interested consumers can request a consultation right from the local page. This offers convenience to consumers and generates premium leads for your company.