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Consumer and business specific online newsletters are one of our main focuses at We are dedicated to providing all of our subscribers with the latest closet industry news, design trends, product spotlights, organizational tips and more.

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Feature your advertisement on our newsletter. Newsletters go out to everyone on our subscriber list giving you prime ad space viewed by consumers, designers, wholesale distributors and closet organizer professionals.

Custom Newsletter can help build a custom newsletter suited to get your company's message to our subscribers. Promote your company or service, special offer promotions, new products, company achievements and highlights, or spotlight employees, designers or portfolios.

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Showcase your company's products through email marketing. Your product will reach closet professionals, consumers and the rest of our subscribers right through their inbox.

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Send out product and service surveys through our email marketing program. This is a great technique to find out more about the needs and wants of your target clientele.

Closet organizers are required to obtain a directory listing package in order to qualify.

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