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Online Directory Comparison

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Online Directory Comparison

Innovation is not your typical directory listing site. We offer so much more than conventional online advertising by focusing on the closet industry, consumer education, innovative marketing techniques and robust, rich content and media.

Where Conventional Online Directories Fall Short

Conventional online directory sites fail to provide relevant content to assist the consumer in understanding their options for any given service. These sites are generalized and promote thousands of types of businesses, offer little company information, and lack the ability to provide consumers with real assistance, examples of work completed, company profile details, and the convenience of researching several similar companies from one conducive site that can also assist them with questions specific to the industry. The substantial number of different terms used in such websites without having any industry specific content also prevents these sites from performing well on internet searches.

The Difference

Unlike other online directories, is specific to the closet industry and specializes in consumer education which results in better leads for our advertisers. The directory stands to be the largest national source for finding closet organizers, such as custom closet companies, modular closet systems, closet accessories and professional organizers.

Industry Specific

Our extensive directory listings of closet organizers are set up in a way that are user-friendly and arranged into 7 specific categories while offering all the information consumers need to evaluate their storage needs and choose the right closet solution or professional for their situation. The informative content we offer helps potential customers find inspiration and educate them on different aspects of the closet organization industry and what it offers.

Closet Resource and Email Newsletters

Since acts as a permanent resource and "Go-To" guide, website viewers will revisit for guidance and product updates. is also focused on its subscriber list. Our email newsletters produce repeated website visits, giving more exposure to our marketing partner advertisements and directory listings while reaching all fields and aspects of the closet industry, including our consumer subscribers.

Detailed and Creative Directory Listings

For closet organizers, the directory listing options we offer provide businesses the opportunity to supply a wide range of information and media, such as videos, photo galleries and even automatically update their listing with blog or facebook feeds on the local directory page. Features like the local directory page showcase your company in detail and help consumers research your products and services from a site they trust.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

All advertisers, including manufacturers and distributors, can also take advantage of our other marketing opportunities, such as rotating banner ads, home page local feature articles and our product showcase. Closet organizers can also participate in our metro area-based email sponsorship program which is great for local and national businesses alike.