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How to Choose Closet Organizers

Where to StartNot sure what type of closet organizer or closet storage systems you need?  Want to get organized but are unsure of what kind of service to choose?  Different closet storage systems have different time frames, costs and levels of involvement;  there are many things to consider.

Going over the details of each type of organizer solution can help you select the right kind of closet storage systems you need.


Here's a little Q & A to get you started on different closet organizers!

  1. Am I handy?
  2. What's my budget?  How much do closet organizers cost?
  3. What are my time restrictions?
  4. How extravagant do I want my closet storage systems?
  5. Do I need a complete closet remodel or just a few components?
  6. Do I need design assistance?
  7. What kind of turnaround time am I looking for?
  8. Do I need organizational help?
  9. Will my new closet storage systems be part of a larger project?
  10. Do I need the warranty services of a full service custom closet company?
Am I Handy?

If you are a do it yourselfer and trust that you are capable of installing a custom or modular closet organizer yourself, then get to it! This will require that you perform the tear-out and installation; keep in mind that tearing out your current shelving and installing any closet organizers may also require some dry wall repair work.  You will also need the tools and time required for installations of the closet storage systems.  If you have to purchase tools or take time off of work to perform the install, this may actually raise the cost of the project in ways you were not expecting.

If you're not a weekend warrior, it may be best to outsource the installation of the closet storage systems to a full service closet company who will design and install the system for you or you can search for a retail location that sells modular closet storage systems - some retail companies offer installation as well.

What's My Budget?  How Much Do Closet Organizers Cost?

With a budget less than $1,500 dollars you may want to consider a do it yourself closet storage project unless the area in question is smaller than average.  If you just need a few accessories or a few modular units of closet organizers, your best options are purchasing closet organizers online or at a retail store. 

On average, a remodel of an average sized walk-in closet usually runs between $1,500 and $5,000 when going through a full service custom company, but remember some larger and more detailed high-end closet storage systems can potentially run double or triple the cost of average closet organizers.

What Are My Time Restrictions?

Don’t only think of the time it may take for installation, but also account for the time it will take to research, plan and start a closet storage project. 

DIY closet organizers may take a day or so to research, a day to purchase at a retail location or at least a week to ship if purchased online.  There must also be time allotted to inventory the items in the closet, strip the walls of existing shelving and perfom the install of the new closet storage systems.

A full service company will assess your needs with you, provide a design and perform installation, but be sure to dedicate time to visit the company's showroom, attend a design consultation and work with your designer to perfect the closet storage design.  Your presence may be required during installation as well.

How Extravagant Do I Want My Closet Storage Systems?

Both custom closet organizers and modular closet units have different levels or grades of closet storage systems.  Some can be be very basic while others can be high-end and ornate.  If you are looking for a solution that is strictly for function, modular units can be purchased online or in a retail location for a DIY project.  Custom companies that provide closet organizers can also provide simple, basic designs and install them for a little larger budget.

Of course, for a large scale and/or very detailed job, you may want to consult with a designer from a full service closet company.  Larger jobs where the homeowner desires fine wood detail, crown moulding or special order products like custom glass doors or fluted moulding may best be installed by professionals who can get these items from trusted vendors and are well trained carpenters.

Do I Need a Complete Closet Remodel or Just a Few Components?

If you are considering making your closet storage space more functional, first think about what your actual needs are, take a closet inventory if need be.  If you want a more organized space, but do not want to invest in completely new closet organizers, then perhaps purchasing a few modular units or closet accessories is right for you;  these are solutions you can do yourself.  If you absolutely know you want a complete closet overhaul, then look into modular or custom closet storage systems.

Do I Need Design Assistance?

If you need help figuring out how to maximize your space you may want to enlist the help of a full service custom closet company.  These companies can help inventory your closet and plan out a solution that will make use of every inch you have.  Keep in mind also, that some online custom closet organizers, while they require that you install the closet yourself, can help with the design aspect of your project as well.  Purchasing modular closet storage systems to assemble at home will require you to determine what units you will need that best maximizes your space.  For a do it yourself project, our helpful forms section may assist you further in determining what needs to be done.

What Kind of Turnaround Time Am I Looking For?

All closet organizers will need installation.  Installations take a bit of time, but some may take longer to complete than others.  Full service custom closet companies offer a wide range of services including consultations and design work; from beginning to installation, this may take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks.  The actual installation of closet storage sysetms by full service companies usually only takes a day or so.

Do it yourself closet storage systems can take a few days to a week depending on an individual's capabilities and the extent of the project;  this is, of course, after materials have been researched, purchased and delivered.  On average, DIY closet storage systems can be accomplished in a few weeks.

Do I Need Organizational Help?

Some households, whether looking to purchase closet organizers or not, need assistance with organizing their belongings.  Modular closet organizers and custom online closet storage systems can be purchased and installed, but it is up to the homeowner to maximize the space accordingly and design the system that best suits the needs of the space.  Some assistance may be available with these types of closet organizers through tech support or retail sales representatives, but sometimes, it's not enough. 

If it is not known yet if closet storage systems are needed, a professional organizer can always be hired to help organize, suggest techniques and provide advice on choosing and configuring closet organizers.

Full service custom closet companies can suggest options for each item in your closet as they assess your needs.  They will be able to spot out "problem areas" and design creative options as solutions that may not be available through retail solutions or online.  Professional closet designers have the advantage of experience and product knowledge, something that will help individuals get organized and help with the layout of the closet organizers.

Will My New Closet Storage Systems Be Part of a Larger Project?

Many times, a closet remodel is part of a larger project.  In most homes, the master closet is located near or through the master bath.  If you plan on remodeling multiple areas, such as the bath and closet, and want them to match in color and style, it is best to go with a full service custom closet company.  Online custom closet organizers have color and style options you can choose from, but the selection may be a bit more limited than a full service custom closet company.

The full service closet company can schedule a consultation and provide style and color samples to ensure that your closet can be designed with the home's other ongoing projects in mind.  Whether it is a bathroom remodel, new flooring or even a new paint color, full service custom closet companies can help to make your closet unique to your home and style.

Do I Need the Warranty Services of a Full Service Custom Closet Company?  

When you install closet storage organizers yourself, there is no warranty on the labor or craftsmanship you have performed, whereas if you choose to go with a full service custom closet company, they will warranty the materials and labor they provide.  Most full service closet companies also insure and bond their installers; this is a good question to ask when setting up a consultation.  If, for any reason, there is damage to your home during installation, it should be covered.

REMEMBER:  Regardless of what type of closet organizers you choose or what type of closet service you go with, it is always a good idea to review all of your options and the pros and cons of each of the closet organizers and solutions.  This will be an investment in your home so it is better to be well informed, ask questions and be thorough so that it is done right and to your liking from the start.