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Advertise your company, products or services on our Home page for maximum exposure next to our most viewed content. Our Home page features only 1 eye-catching section for a rotating banner ad so that it is easily seen by everyone who visits Our other pages, such as Solutions, Design and Resources, function as permanent, educational and informative content which is visited and revisited as a trusted source for a wide range of closet information.

You can also advertise on our Blog pages! These pages update frequently and draw in new viewers on a regular basis. Our Blog pages feature helpful and informative content on all aspects of the closet industry, providing advertisers excellent ad space on high traffic pages. Email newsletter updates, blog teaser feeds and product showcase links all are directed to Blog pages, a database of closet organization topics.

Rotating Banner is limited to 5 ads per page available to national closet organizers and wholesale distributors. Closet organizers are required to obtain a directory listing package in order to qualify.


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