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Modular Closet Organizers

Ready to go closet storage!

I’m sure we have all assembled something out of a box before. Think of modular closet organizers in the same way; each unit is ready to assemble out of the box in fixed sizes, colors and structures. You can purchase a small unit of closet shelving or fill an entire closet with a more functional closet system. Different configurations are available with modular closet organizers; hanging, drawers, shelving and shoe storage sections are common. Install them for a rewarding DIY project!
Quick Overview of Differences
Modular Closet: Retail Store

See what you like at the store? Drive it home today! Many retail stores carry modular closet organizers and display examples for you to look at. If you are ready to install the units, you can purchase units to take home that day with no shipping fee or waiting.

Modular Closet: Online Store

No time to shop at the stores? Online modular closet organizers can be bought online and shipped to your home for you to install. It’s a great way to save time if you already know what to purchase.