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Traditional Advertising Comparison

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Traditional Advertising Comparison

Targeted Marketing

Traditional methods of advertising face great challenges when trying to promote a brand or product to a target market. Fundamentally, they can only blanket large areas of consumers, most of which had no prior interest in the product or service they are being solicited. This often results in wasted funds and unsuitable leads, making it much harder to produce a high return on advertising investments with traditional marketing.

Industry specific internet advertising targets prime markets and consumers: the consumers that are already researching for and financially capable of purchasing a specific service or product. This, in turn, results in more qualified leads, a higher closing rate, lower advertising costs and a quick return on resources spent on promotions. offers local and national advertising options, including email newsletters to fit the needs of all our advertisers while providing our partners’ potential and existing clientele a valuable service.

Advertising Cost

Internet marketing costs a fraction of traditional advertising methods. In fact, when compared to traditional advertising programs, costs an average of $23,500 less per year! With an average year of advertising around $1,200 and a full service custom closet sale ranging between $2,000 and $4,500, advertising costs for a full year can be recouped with a single closet installation! View a Cost Comparison Graph based on estimated advertising costs per year by metro area to discover the large variance in costs. can provide companies with an excellent return on investment and also offer first year advertising discounts as well as reduced rates for multiple metro area listings!

Lead Generation

Very few traditional marketing vehicles offer quality solutions to measure performance like the internet, and most who do will charge an additional fee for such services. will submit consultation requests via email for appropriate solutions and can produce analytic reports for paying advertiser activity.

Permanent Resource

Traditional media lacks the ability to serve as an ongoing source of reference due to its lack of content and limited shelf life. Most media is thrown out, such as direct mail and newspapers, whereas an online resource, like, constantly features an advertisement or listing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is easily accessible.


With a wide array of subscribers, will reach every facet of the closet industry with constant updates through social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, email marketing and RSS feeds. Our appreciation for our industry's consumers, our subscribers and partners, and our modern marketing approach are non-existent with traditional marketing.